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Policy and solutions / So when does monkey wrenching start?
« on: February 25, 2013, 10:32:43 AM »
I originally started to post this in response to the Keystone Pipeline topic: if the pipeline is so bad, when does monkey wrenching start?

It is a serious question. I don't want anyone killed. I believe the workers on the pipeline are good people just trying to support their families and thier lives have just as much value as anyone else's, including mine and my families.

But if the pipeline will cause so much destruction, when do we, as a community that believes this pipeline will kill thousands if not millions, take a stand? Are we like the people who live in a small town outside of a concentration camp and pretend it is all ok?

If it was a person being held hostage, or some other situation where that required immediate action, we would all be climbing all over each other to save the person, etc. How is this different?

If there was a world wide effort to monkey wrench oil and coal pollution, it would add to the cost at the pump and help make alternatives more viable.

So the question is: given all that we all believe, when do we take action? (I am not going to do so, by the way, so this isn't a holier than thou comment or a call to action, it is just a moral puzzle that bothers me. I am trying to discuss the moral issue to try to find within me a definition of where this line is written - and a big part of that is that I am not sure monkey wrenching is actually effective action.)

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