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The rest / Christmas Chocolate & Child Slavery
« on: December 18, 2018, 10:36:54 AM »
Got a Christmas holiday chocolate that I've never had previously. Called Tony's Chocolonely, it is ~ 7 ounces of chunk chocolate from the Dutch & Belgium, with additive traces of dried orange, red wine powder, cloves, & cinnamon. Not a lover of wine, I find this chocolate OK. Other people may like the different tastes that accompany the chocolate. You can break out the Christmas tree shape in the center of the chunk chocolate with a hole for a string, so you can hang it on your Christmas tree. No pets allowed around the tree!
Chocolonely advertises that their chocolate is produced 100% child slave-free & their desire is to eliminate child slavery.
In the article:
Reports child slavery, human trafficking, suppression of information & deaths to reporters, by cocoa manufacturers(direct sourcing to Hersheys, Mars,  Nestles, etc, but hopefully NOT to Chocolonely). Chidren work with machetes AND even chainsaws, of course, with resultant injuries, severe maimings & deaths. As slaves, there is no access to education, escape from horrendous living conditions or guarantee to life. As slaves, guarantees of whippings abound. 
Many chocolate companies advertise themselves as not involved in child slavery, but without severe adherence to morality within each company, which affects other companies in the international chocolate trade, millions & billions of dollars in careers & companies easily suck individuals & companies into chocolate child slavery.
As usual, companies operating with their own internal problems & in countries, torn up with war, terrorists, corrupt governments, no possibilities to rise out of poverty, religious suppression, environmental destruction, etc, have led to stalemated efforts to eliminate child slavery.
But, saying that, chocolate industry efforts to end child slavery amount to only the wages of 10 high paid executives.   

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