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Title: World's Longest Fjord?
Post by: viddaloo on February 25, 2015, 09:51:02 PM
While the Scoresbysund Fjord is listed as the longest in the world, 313 – 350 km, I'm not entirely happy with their definition of fjord or their choice of winner.

For our purposes, let's say a fjord is a saltwater waterway once carved out by glaciers. Just from looking at maps and sat images it's obvious to me that the Lancaster Sound and Northwest Passage in the CAA is such a fjord, or a system of fjords. This passage is the result of probably at least 5 ice–ages and their huffing and puffing, don't you agree?


Speaking of CAA and fjords: I want to read about (and see illustrations of) how the Nares Strait came to be. I'm guessing ice, of course!  ;D