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Title: Slashdot effect
Post by: longwalks1 on November 23, 2016, 12:00:22 AM
Meteorologist/journalist Eric Holthaus gives a shout-out to the Forum as "a fairly obscure message board of sea ice enthusiasts"

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Well, we will see if we get a spike of new members with the increase in publicity. I remember when I started at Distributed Proofreaders via the post at /.  (Slashdot).    What a zoo for a few weeks with a boatload of new members at DP. Note- I like the utf8 formatting and life plus 50 copyright rules at Distributed Proofreaders Canada and Faded Page more these days, but I do reside in Canada.  And Rachel Carson has books there.  Along with more than a few books about Arctic exploration, old but good. 

It would be nice to get a few more excellent posters with strong signal to noise postings.  However it is also nice to not  be overwhelmed.    Neither of these will probably happen. 

For myself, I find  that adding a person to my ignore list about every two to three months works wonders for keeping calm here.  I am up to 4. 

To all those who post scientific papers, AGU or other quality videos - I deeply appreciate it.  I was spending lots of time sitting in hospitals and getting paid to be with friends who are mentally challenged.  Printing out a paper or two to take with on the bus ride in and time they were asleep was a counterpoint I enjoyed.  Peace out.