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Title: Atmospheric decadal response to diminishing ice
Post by: Pmt111500 on September 20, 2019, 07:30:13 PM
As I couldn't find out what was the whole thing in the melt season thread I thought a new thread might be in order. For discussions of rhe (in)evitable changes in atmospheric circulation as the arctic likely goes oceanic, at least in the summers, in the near future in human history. This means a whole bunch of more moisture that will go... Yes, where? Tell us the future weather, o mighty prophet. I think the weather models work pretty well when there are no profound changes in the averages, so maybe some forecasting models have done pre-emptive future weathercasting? I don't know, but an iceless Arctic may be pretty permanent on human scales, the paleoclimatelogy says, and that would be an average if any.

Slapping here the 2½-year old picture I concocted that I think maybe relevant.