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It's not that simple.
1. The reason water flows north is freshwater runoff raising sealevel 1/2m, this freezes at a higher temperature than seawater so you won't establish a seaice refuge without refreezing the bottom.

2. To give sea mammals a path works with sea lanes being freshwater flow that channeled next to shore so it doesn't melt seaice from below, which is why the Beaufort Sea is rotten ice vs 7-9yr old ice icebreakers couldn't steam through yet can now.

3. The thread doesn't present all the work nicely, will try to get images back up, the design keeps freshwater near shore, noccross-ocean traffic it's all confined 3-5km or less from shore.

The high Arctic is in "runaway greenhouse" mode without a precise fix, CO2 grew in rate-of-change in 2019 and is now the highest since the mid-Plioceene world with NO ICE, sealevel 74m/240ft higher.

Do these 4 things to nearly zero emissions enough fast enough, and with the Bering Strait Dam in place having a year-round seaice refugia it's a best try to slow it and maintain economies.

FIRST: Flip towns off-grid, its magnet motor for 1300hp/1-Mw is small, 2ft×7in/61×17cm, fits -=> cars, trucks, tractors, trains, aeroplanes & ships at sea.

This implies cars on up no refueling or recharging for the LIFETIME of the owner.

The 1300hp/1-Mw has a "half-century" warranty of 24/7 power, normal upkeep. Magnets -10%flux/1000yrs, it's the only power source to pursue.

So, a 17yr R&D; Belgian: bi . ly/2uzvMNc RF-5000, sparkless for use with explosives, military-spec, ships in a container, being adapted to aircraft.

Home•farm•ranch, panels can use as the inverter: 10kw•$15k, 5kw•$8k, 1.2-cents/kwh; '20-year warranty',1.2-cents/kwh; S. Korean: bit . ly/2tXG1dQ

The 5kw fits a pickup toolbox, quiet, no fumes indoors -> good for builders, $35/mo+int, both 24x7 power.

These are the ONLY machines ready for assembly-line, high-volume design & production I found in trade studies, you try.

They are a real path to a near zero-emission, tiny carbon-footprint motive power for all machines on the planet, any size.

SECOND: Use ALGAE to purify effluent at the sewage plant, same growers for home•farm•ranch, this emits O2 and removes CO2 before burning it.

Then, the oils & biomass can become biodiesel and derivatives, from a pilot study I did for Phoenix, AZ, a 10M-gallon/day plant can produce about 3M-gallon/day of biodiesel.

Gov. Jan Brewer and her EPA head were on board, Siemens & others, ASU & local labs used in R&D, we got shot down by her party, the GOP in the USA.

Too bad, eh? Sound familiar?

THIRD: Have ALL IC-Engine mfg's making motors use N.Tesla Tailpipes, new & used, it's a one-way air valve with no moving parts that nearly ZEROES emissions.

This eliminates soot from biodiesel 😊, scales to industrial smokestacks, it reduces back-pressure, improves performance.

And, he tied it to IC-Engines for this purpose 80yrs ago, time to use them.

FOURTH: It all boils down to dealing with Arctic seaice, HEAT GAINED in the 2007 retreat was 95,000-Twh over average.

Closing all Steam-age power plants 250Mwh and above is a one-time save of 36,000-Twh in emitted wasteheat.

That's 2•1/2-times too little to balance the gain vs the loss compared to the 1980-2000 average ice extent.

Losing the seaice is GAME-OVER on controlling the GAME-ON of genuine "Runaway" in the Arctic CH4 sources, this is what to me brings the extremes in weather vs assuming it'd get tropical to midwest farmers.

Also, the Arctic Ocean is at the aragonite saturation point, all that a local marine biologist saw flying over the newly opened water were jellyfish, millions of them.

There is no salmon fishery there as it becomes open water unless routed as below behind levees.

TODO: Install a weir dam at St. Lawrence Is. and polder north the entire Chukchi Sea to prevent wave damage and stratify the water to refreeze the bottom creating a year-round seaice refuge.

ALL SHIPPING confined within 3-4km of shore, NO cross-ocean traffic, this uses Dutch ships, materials & methods to start to create seaice polders, shoals & levees.

And, by building submerged "atolls" encircling methane vents that use the bubble flow to pull in colder bottom water we can refreeze them.

It all confines the freshwater runoff and most of all limits early melting from shore out to-sea in spring.

This reduces the 5-Amazons of warmer, fresher water to 1/100th of what is rapidly melting the seaice from below.

Fresher water freezes at a higher temperature so true seaice isn't formed at the surface on freezeup, it needs -2C/28.4F for seaice to last over ONE season.

This intends to prevent the Siberian jetstream from turning north & can be modelled, the N.Pacific is too warm so heats the airmass from below, with 'The Blob' in the Gulf of AK, it drives the circulation pattern needing change back to Holocene patterns.

So, the warmth sends rain to Anchorage in December and frozen oranges to Florida the routine now, started early, as that air cools it gets to low latitudes ONLY over LAND to balance equatorial overheating.

The concept has 47,500 views on a seaice forum and zero actions upon it [].

It's the only geographic location on Earth with the ability to alter the Anthropocene jetstream paths back into N.America instead of going north.

I can't order it done, the people in the poop deck party think everything's fine with lifeboats in the water?

Expect flooding after early snow, cold ground for maximum runoff vs a normal Holocene year, or worse, it stays cold.

Welcome to the Anthropocene, CO2 won't go below 400ppm for >>120,000-years as oceans outgas their aragonite losses by reversing the carbonic acid cycle which acidifies fast and goes alkaline very slowly, a bio•geochemical hysteresis:
CO2 + CO3₌ + H2O ⇄ 2 HCO3-

It's a realistic reason to consider extinction with business-as-usual as a final result in 3,500-5,000yrs.

"The rate of acidification is 10-times faster or more than anything we have seen for the past 50-million years and perhaps over the last 300-million years.".  ICES ASC 2013 Plenary Lecture;
Dr Richard Feely, 7:40 into 1:01:08; 14:30 in CO2 vertical maps;

Very sensible and comprehensive of relevant fundamentals; "Global Warming 56 Million Years Ago: What it Means for Us";
Dr. Scott Wing, Smithsonian Museum of Nat' History; 1:44:14; [Temp chart duration: Solomon et al., 2009, PNAS, 44:00; insect predation, 36:40, loss of nutrients from CO2, 37:30;]

Modelling climate, what a "carbon excursion" is to paleontology, 1st part awards, great talk, illuminating: We are too close to the total carbon of the PETM, about 3•parts per mil.
Emiliani Lecture: AGU 2012 Fall Mtg; "No Future Without a Past 'or' History will Teach us Nothing";
Dr. Richard Zeebe, Univ.of Hawaii; 52:57;

Dr. Peter Ward, UW paleontologist, short talk on the almost mammalian extinction, biomarker paleontology, and using hydrogen-sulfide for critical care as an evolved result in humans; 29:05;

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