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Policy and solutions / Re: Tesla glory/failure
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:31:19 PM »

The day Tesla makes a profit over a period of several years and payed their debts down to a level that is withing the healthy range.

For a rapidly growing company, profit over several years without exception is very unusual.
As for the debt point, at what level would you consider “Healthy”?  And how would you measure it?

Meanwhile, as we talk about Uber and Lyft, autonomous taxis and Tesla, another 95 million ICE vehicles will hit the roads in 2019.

While I sympathize... what do you suggest doing about it?

I completely understand, and agree, that “no cars” is better than “cleaner cars”.
However, insisting that cleaner cars are no better than dirtier cars seems short sighted.

I know of, or have read about less than 5 people in the world that has gone to a true zero carbon lifestyle.  Getting an entire society seems an impossibility.
However, EVs are making huge inroads. 
No, EVs are not the silver bullet, but they are better than nothing.

If any poster has a way to adopt a true zero carbon lifestyle, or even zero individual car ownership en masse, great!  Please share with us how to get to that wonderful endpoint.

If they don’t, please don’t denigrate the people who have found a way to make incremental improvements.

“Spotted: @NetZeroMN's striped Tesla, inspired by @ed_hawkins' stunning climate visualization.“

Now I know I hit the big time, I’ve been posted to the Arctic Sea Ice forum  :)

I wish, instead of stenciling on the CO2 graphs I had used the historical temperature graphs.
Great conversation starter though!

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