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The rest / Re: Russia, Russia, Russia
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:32:48 AM »
I ain't been on in a hot minute. But I just came to share the reality.

Both sides in the U.S. are complicit in the ongoing diversion of global attention from the reality of abrupt climate change. In fact, name a single Western government, or in fact any powerful nation that gets regular media attention which is being realistic with its constituents regarding the severity of our current predicament. As in motivating their nation to serious, legitimately impactful changes which will prevent our collective demise, reminding people on a regular basis of the steps we need to be taking RIGHT NOW individually and industrially, and actually fucking making an impact. Go ahead. One nation.

Why are there ZERO? Because Trump and the entire fucking circus surrounding him are the biggest fucking diversion in the history of mankind. Because world leaders, collectively and privately, know there are no solutions, just as well as most everyone here. Because we have little time left, and the changes are becoming drastic and noticeable all over the world.

Because the panic that would erupt from global recognition would lead to hasty collapses all over the globe, out of sheer hysteria alone.

The alternative is: Divert. Distract. Deny. Downplay. And simply carry on this way for as long as possible, until the impacts are so severe that it doesn't matter any more - The weather becomes so severe that large portions of our crop systems have failed and there's no food left to go around, for example.

World leaders are coasting on diversionary bullshit, especially at the mouth of Trump (The man who applied to build seawalls around his golf course citing global warming + coastal erosion as a main reason, but allegedly "doesn't believe in climate change" - fucking horse shit, yes he demonstrably does.) to avoid the absolute chaos that would unfold were most people to truly recognize how dire our circumstance.

In other words: Fuck russia, fuck trump, fuck identity politics, fuck liberals, fuck conservatives, fuck the notion that ANY powerhouse nations are taking climate change seriously, simply put, fuck standing in a burning building arguing about the structural integrity. You are about to fucking die, get out of the goddamn building or put the fire out. The individual and collective behaviour of politicians worldwide implies there's simply no way to do so, and so we have our current state of affairs.

You are being duped, no matter which side you find yourself on. Good luck everyone. We will surely need it soon.

Edited for vocab/spelling errors.

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