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Spotted these cloud formations on Worldview today. First between Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, second between FJL and Novaya Zemlya. I was struck by their small scale "cyclonic" appearance, don't think I've noticed anything like them before. My first thought was thuderstorm, especially the first image. The central structure in each is about 15 - 25 miles across. Just wondering if I'm correct, I'd be grateful for any insight.

*** AGW - the gift that keeps on giving.
Are they Noctilucent clouds? (Right time of day and year, right direction) Lumnekraft says yes.

They are indeed noctilucent (nght shining) clouds and yes they are beautiful. I saw my first for a number of years pre-dawn last week (I live about 50 miles east of London). This year is possibly the best ever for these clouds with sightings as far south as LA, much further south than ever seen before. As well as being increased by AGW they are apparently seeded by meteorites and linked to solar activity, appearing much more numerous at solar minimum which is where we are now. The last time I saw them here was around 11 years ago, which makes sense. More info and photos can be found at

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