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Policy and solutions / Re: Tesla glory/failure
« on: April 23, 2020, 12:19:38 AM »


Also: local news reports Giga Nevada will reopen on May 4.


You buried your lead, just as Elon will bury his labor.

Rather than selling his employees surgical masks, Tesla's vending machines should be selling them Kool Aid on the factory floor.

Pensions? - Gig workers in a Gigafactory don' need no Steenkin' Pensions.


If an AI is being programed to decide whether I'm to live or to die, I'm quite sure that my response should be to pull the plug on that research.

Praising an autonomous vehicle for not killing pedestrians seems akin to praising a sheep dog for not killing sheep.


Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 22, 2020, 11:03:44 PM »
Thanks for all the warm wishes and good advice!

Our buildings HVAC systems are isolated (steam heat & individual Air/Air heat pumps). Carole and I have taken rather extreme measures to isolate since the 1st of March. In spite of these precautions we've had 2 moderate-heavy "colds", and I'm in the midst of a 3d episode that feels quite different from the others - uncontrollable coughing resulting in large volumes of almost neon green sputum - yuck!

Carole hasn't been affected/infected this go round which also seems strange.

Today isn't as bad as yesterday was & we may break curfew tomorrow and drive out into the country with the roof open to catch some rays (but not any viruses). Sunlight unfortunately doesn't make it to the apartment.

I've no doubt that we can get tested, but with the uncertain results they're producing I'll put that off until tests & procedures have improved. Carole and I are certainly no threat to others regardless of our health, as long as we remain in isolation.

A friend in Alberta has tested positive after returning from an Alabama Mensa event in early March. She is the one that had been organising this year's Canadian AG. The Canadian event had been postponed, but is now officially canceled.
She's always been a hugger & feels terrible about the hundreds of people she's had contact with during and since her trip.

Stay Home & Stay Healthy.
We need reliable testing as a minimum before opening anything not absolutely essential.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 22, 2020, 04:53:08 AM »
What a day for a lockdown!

I awoke to no water in the building. Carole twisted her ankle answering the phone, it was the drugstore calling to say that they'd messed up my prescriptions, but that by May 8th things would be straightened out. The building's fire alarm was a false positive, but it was very loud and lasted for hours.
Power went down on this side of town, then my nap was cut short when a wandering fire engine did a driveby with the siren blasting away.
I needed the nap because I'd been up most of the night coughing and with shortness of breath. It can't be the virus because I've been isolating since the first of March.

The water & power are back on, there never was a fire, Carole's walking without a limp, and my coughing/breathing has become somewhat controllable.
Tomorrow has to be better!

The rest / Re: Denialism News
« on: April 20, 2020, 02:25:48 AM »
He was a vile despicable cad and he revelled in being wrong. Millions live lives made poorer by of the lies he told.
From Big Tobacco to Big Oil there was never a product so loathsome that Singer wouldn't shill for it - for a price.

The world became a better place with his passing.


Probably the best we can hope for is that Darwin's demands come due prior to the elections in November. :P


Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 19, 2020, 10:46:58 PM »
A next outbreak in Henan province.<snipped>

That was quite an amazing selection of anti-Chinese xenophobic trash.
The tip off was when they claimed their information came from "an official document leaked to Radio Free Asia"

I suppose official propaganda outlets need to be kept track of, but a Warning! - Entering a Fact Free Zone might ease the transition.


Science / Re: 2020 Mauna Loa CO2 levels
« on: April 19, 2020, 07:38:18 PM »
Thanks Stephan!

& I do like the new format. ;)

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 19, 2020, 04:05:46 PM »
It’s not often that I praise the reporting in the assorted organs of News UK. Usually quite the reverse! However this morning I commend to you this frankly shocking article by the Sunday Times Insight team:

I strongly suggest that you read the article from start to finish, always assuming that you have a strong enough stomach...

Merely business as usual in the age of “Fake News” and “Truth Decay“.
An eye opener!

I don't believe however that the UK was much behind most of the Western Nations.

In Ontario our PM assured us that we had plenty of masks, gloves and goggles, basing his belief on the many confirmed orders that had been placed with American suppliers.
We finally received 500K of the 2MM masks that we had purchased and everyone stopped talking about gloves, googles & gowns.

Shows the history, and rate of expansion in each country - and each American State.
AFAIKS none of the European or American countries have flattened yet.

The rule of 63.9 gives an estimate of how many days before your Country or State will double its confirmed cases, or the number of deaths.

My stomach is getting a little squeamish.

Policy and solutions / Re: Tesla glory/failure
« on: April 19, 2020, 01:41:38 AM »
Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 4/16/20, 1:54 PM
Partial list of hospitals to which Tesla sent ventilators
Image below.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 4/16/20, 1:56 PM

These were based on direct requests from their ICU wards, with exact specifications of each unit provided before shipment

· Apr 17

@elonmusk says he sent ventilators to California hospitals. CNN contacted 10 hospitals identified by Musk in the partial list of recipients he posted. Of the hospitals that responded, none had received ventilators. Good reporting by @passantino:
[My bold]

Is it possible that Elon has mistaken CPAP machines for ventilators?

CPAP machines are for COPD patients. They were once tried in Washington as substitutes for the needed ventilators. Patients died and the aerosolized virus rapidly spread CV-19 throughout the facility infecting many.
The upshot was that CPAP machine therapy was halted. This was weeks before Elon's giveaway.

The politics / Re: Economic Inequality
« on: April 18, 2020, 10:53:00 PM »
All the tweets are excellent. I particularly appreciated the one asking for higher wages & decent healthcare for the retail workers we're so dependent on.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 18, 2020, 03:04:24 AM »
"Compassion" best summarizes the mood here.

The wife and I haven't been out without mask & gloves since the 1st of March. The only visitor here has been 2 visits by a phlebotomist to suck a bit of my blood.
We haven't been as careful as you, but outdoor clothing goes straight to a spare bedroom & will probably remain there for the duration.

I had my first ever telephone doctors visit yesterday. A specialist who assured me that my blood was still viable & that I won't need to "see" her for another 4 months. Ain't the future wonderful!

I'm envious of your home. Apartments have their strong points, but a backyard, a tree, & a garden are not part of the package.

When the weather warms the beaches of Port Dover will beckon. Beautiful sandy beaches and water damn near at body temperature. The beaches will either be off bounds, or too crowded to spread a towel.
I wonder if it will be possible to lease a sailboat for the summer. Anchor her offshore and maintain distancing across the surf line.  :)
I've never been that lucky :(

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 18, 2020, 02:25:37 AM »
In Alberta Canada, after the over 80+s are eliminated it's those in their 40s that are most at risk. They're followed by those in their 30s, then those in their 50s. Those in their 20s are as liable to be infected as those in their 60s, with the 70 somethings being the least infected of the adults.

These figures are all based on a per 100k basis.

Sorry about the size of the graphic. It's the yellow bars we're discussing.

and look under "characteristics"

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 18, 2020, 01:43:41 AM »
Panic has been mentioned as a possible response on these pages, but I've seen no hint of it even among high risk groups.

People in general seem to recognise the seriousness of the situation, but the streets are noticeably absent of hysterics racing to or from places where contracting the disease seems more or less likely.

We've a lot that we need to consider, but Panic, at least for now shouldn't be of concern.

Perhaps this isn't true everywhere?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 18, 2020, 01:27:15 AM »
WHO Warning: No Evidence That Antibody Tests Can Show Coronavirus Immunity

The World Health Organization issued a warning Friday about coronavirus testing, saying there's no evidence serological tests can show whether a person has immunity or is no longer at risk of becoming reinfected.

Until this fundamental question can be answered, any relaxation of isolation is simply rolling the dice and burying those who roll snake-eyes.


The politics / Re: The Trump Presidency
« on: April 17, 2020, 11:56:37 PM »

Yesterday it was broadcast that at 6:00 PM Trump would be on TV in a Big Broadcast announcing Important Information about the CV-19 lockdown.Then at 6:00 he delivered very little of substance. (The governors will decide when to open their states.)

At 5:45 both the leftist Prime Minister of Canada & the Right Wing Premier of Ontario announced that this was not the right time to open the border with the US. They stayed on topic for quite a while. Long enough to assure viewers that Americans would not be welcome in our lands.

A few days earlier both Federal and Provincial leadership had made it clear that they were very unhappy with Trump's handling of the 3M masks that were destined for our hospitals, then delivered to the public in Ohio.
I'm convinced that Trump had intended to announce that the Canadian border was to be opened (he's the one that unilaterally closed it), but that when the Canadian side was informed they not only rejected the proposal, but got on National TV and argued forcefully against open borders just minutes before Trump could drop his bombshell.

America would easily have prevailed just a month ago. America's soft power doesn't have much pervasive power left.

I hope that they don't resort to flashing their Iron Fist.

Consequences / Re: Global Dimming - The aerosol masking effect
« on: April 16, 2020, 11:35:18 PM »
I'd expect a change in aerosols would be noticeable in 24 hours or less. Smog certainly rolled into Riverside California within hours of the morning rush hour in Los Angeles, perhaps 60 miles away.

I can't imagine that the lockdown hasn't had an affect on aerosol levels.

Consequences / Re: Drought 2020
« on: April 16, 2020, 11:25:29 PM »
All I've ever remembered was the chorus. I'd never associated it with the dust bowl (or Woodie)

One disaster at a time is about as much as we an be expected to handle. With CV-19 nipping at our livelihood and our sanity, it's sometimes difficult to our shift focus to the environmental catastrophe that never missed a step waiting for the virus among us.

Stay Healthy

Cold as unusual here in Southwest Ontario with a sprinkling of snow last night.

An unusually mild winter followed by a cold period with few signs of spring.
The Grand River didn't even threaten to freeze up this year even though the break up of the ice had been recorded each year for over 100 years prior to the 1960s.

Spring has sprung
Fall has fell

Tis Spring again
Cold as - - unusual
Terry ::)

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 14, 2020, 06:36:25 PM »
122 new death lower then 234 last week but this includes the easter effect.
Getting accurate fatality counts on easter weekend has proven difficult for milenia. ::)

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 13, 2020, 11:13:07 PM »
Just a reminder that

displays country and state CV-19 infections both by national # and by cases/100k.


The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: April 12, 2020, 10:22:28 PM »
TI-99 in 1979 here

Learned Basic & an extended basic that was much closer to Fortran hunched over the "chiclet" keyboard. A fourth kernel allowed very fast processing.
It was a wonderful machine, and I sold 2 programs within 6 months of purchasing it. By '81 I was making a living in the field as an itinerant factory programmer for Alpha Microsystems, another wonderful system.

In 1980 we formed a local TI users group, Southern Nevada Users Group and I missed being president of SNUG by a coin toss.
I overcame a fear of public speaking when the President missed a meeting and I suddenly faced an audience of 175 eager faces with no prepared notes - or even an idea of what to discuss. Now it's hard to pull me away from a microphone.

The graphics (sprites) were wonderful and programing your own musical compositions was possible without the limitations that a musical keyboard imposes.

Finally sold what was by then a $6,000 investment for $50.

It's a damn shame that computers today don't require programing from the users.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 11, 2020, 07:34:16 PM »
sig2 has spoken of highly of the Alberta Health Care System. Their web site offers information I've been unable to find elsewhere.

I've posted a graphic from the site previously, but would encourage everyone to go there and see what you can discover.
With 1500 cases now reported:

51% of cases are female.
Each decade other than the teen years has 35 to 44 cases/100k tested - those over 80 have 66/100k.
Those in their 50s are most at risk with 44 cases/100k.
6.7% require hospitalization.
2.6% have died.

Plenty of stats are available on the site that are unavailable, or difficult to find elsewhere.

Stay Isolated

Walking the walk / Re: Gardening
« on: April 11, 2020, 06:17:52 PM »
Your English is fine, and you express yourself well.

In more normal times I suspect that friendships are struck up with others as work proceeds in each individual plot.
With isolation in place less personal means of supporting each other becomes necessary.

Capitalism isn't doing well in the face of this pandemic. Every venture out towards barter or gifting or communalism expands the range of systems that might prove viable in the near future.

This is  a time when new paradigms must be tried, if only because capitalism appears to be failing rather spectacularly.

The forum / Re: Who would like to take over the ASIF?
« on: April 11, 2020, 04:23:31 AM »
Thanks for everything Neven.

I'm very appreciative of your decision to remain as administrator.


The rest / Re: Unsorted
« on: April 09, 2020, 11:07:23 PM »
Great Video

It the Capt. ever needs a double, let him know that I'm available. 8)

Hope everything is well.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 09, 2020, 05:44:25 PM »
Everything that follows is anecdotal. I fear that as this attitude spreads it will cause many unnecessary deaths and much unnecessary pain.

Damn near every relative under 50 believes that they've been infected, have survived, and are now immune. - Amazing!!

They believe they're only staying in isolation to preserve the health of others. Actually, since they don't believe that they could be carriers, they believe they are being forced to make these sacrifices for no reason at all.

A stepdaughter is reopening her private "Birthing Center" that she runs out of her home. She's convinced that she, her husband and their 5 adult children present no risk to her clientele. None have been tested, but they did have a cold earlier this year. :-\

My wife's relatives are not the only crazy people that are determined to break isolation.
Some employers are demanding that employees work unmasked. Others remain open and sell masks from vending machines on the factory floor. Starbucks at least opened a fund to pay for employee funerals!

Even those that have left a hospital as "cured" have relapsed.

Everyone is a potential carrier. Everyone is at risk.

The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: April 09, 2020, 04:58:22 PM »

Happiness is a muddy field.

The forum / Re: Who would like to take over the ASIF?
« on: April 09, 2020, 04:13:38 PM »
I'm devastated.

Are there problems that we could help with to lighten your load?

Is it possible that once the isolation period is over your viewpoint might change?

Is asking you to hang in there for 6 months or so asking too much? The dreadful situation we face may have resolved itself in 6 months.

Would appointing a number of assistants help? Perhaps assistants with specific duties?
I'd jump at the chance to assist in any way I could.

I hope that you're aware of what a beacon of sanity your site is. If there is anything I can do to help in any way you've but to ask.

Please reach out for help rather than walking away from this wonderful community that you have built.

Consequences / Re: Global recession
« on: April 09, 2020, 01:54:47 AM »
Calm down Tom.

We're all in a bad place. Repeating right wing BS just distracts from the very real problems that some will face as this pandemic continues.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 07, 2020, 07:36:56 PM »
Thanks to all for getting rid of our latest and one of our more blatant xenophobes.

We've already had far too many violent incidents as deranged individuals attack others due to their perceived racial or national background.

Stay Isolated - Stay Sane!

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 05, 2020, 07:03:22 PM »
Xenophobia is rearing its ugly head regarding CV-19. My friend's fears of wearing a mask while being a visible minority of East Asian extraction were apparently not based on paranoia. Wikipedia even has a page on violent episodes around the world.

Asians are being discouraged from taking steps that might save their own health because of fears that they'll be attacked.

I'm afraid that while we're self isolating all we can do to show our support of the Asian community is to let our feelings be known online.

Paris needs its Chinese community to buy masks. It seems that orders they makes are delivered in a shorter time.

In Paris, Berlin, and Montreal, it's been Trump's government that has been pirating masks meant for local health care workers.
Don't blame the Chinese!

Consequences / Re: Global recession
« on: April 03, 2020, 02:32:47 PM »
I wish that Trump was the only fool in charge.

Policy and solutions / Re: Lessons from COVID-19
« on: April 03, 2020, 02:28:47 PM »
Best of luck LongW!
Keep us informed.

Kassey & Pmt
What I was trying to express was that the Post-Pandemic era is liable to be so bad that everything preceding the pandemic will be viewed as favorable by comparison.

Great to read your words again!
Tesla's expanding PR expenses will be gobbling up much of what might have gone to pay back some of the creditors.
If the past is any indication, Musk's lobbyists will make sure that lots of federal funding will be flowing into Elon's Enterprises. Whether the public forgives Musk's unforgivable actions is another matter.

Tesla needs customers, but Spacex and Hyperloop need little other than generous government contracts, and regulatory agencies blinded by greed.
I fear that in the years ahead Musk's government contacts will keep him in business even as Elon's public image tanks.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: April 03, 2020, 12:32:27 PM »

My ~70 yr old neighbor says she's suffering from pneumonia, but that she's not infected with CV-19?
Her door is across the hall from mine. I was too shocked to ask her more.

I wanted to find out more about "Herd Immunity", but none of the Beothuk's that might have had first hand experience survived to tell the tale. The genocide that so many First Nations experienced when faced with smallpox or measles doesn't provide the kind of assurance I'd like to find.

Some have been waiting for a vaccination to prevent HIV for 40 years. Those surviving CV-19 may still be waiting for a vaccination in 2060. Don't hold your breath. :-[

This is not going to work out well for anyone.

Stay at home unless your services are needed.
Wear as much protective gear as you have access to whenever you must be outside.

Most of us can't help, but with luck we won't require help from others.

Policy and solutions / Re: Lessons from COVID-19
« on: April 01, 2020, 08:40:52 PM »
Everything became chaotic due to CV19.
Those with the best paid lobbyists will make the rules and decide who receives bailouts paid for primarily with dollars backed by the myth that the US will somehow at sometime repay its debt.

I don't imagine that those that have invested so heavily in politicians have our interests in mind. I fear that the Pre-Pandemic Era will be remembered as "The Good Old Days". An era when we somehow believed that those in power cared about our needs, our demands.

Best of luck to all, but I can't imagine this working out well for anyone not presently near the very apex of the elite.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 31, 2020, 03:39:34 PM »
My guardian planned to come here today but a person in his county was arrested for driving without grave cause, so I am on my own.
I am glad I have loads of rice...I think food shortages might be next.

Discouraging others from getting out and about is probably as important as staying inside yourself. I'm glad that at least one county in the States is apparently taking this seriously. :)

I don't know why you have a guardian, but I'm sure the last thing you want to be responsible for is your guardian or his family becoming infected.

Stay Isolated - Stay Healthy

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 31, 2020, 03:28:54 PM »
I've a dear friend that can't bear isolation, and she's afraid of being seen wearing a mask as she's of Chinese ethnicity and she's living in Florida.

She has no car, no money problems, is a very recent immigrant, and is the last person in the world that I'd expected to have such a problem with isolation or the fear of an attack.

I just recently found out about the paranoia side of things, but I've tried every approach I can think of to keep her indoors, or at least masked up.

Any suggestions or 1st hand experiences would be very much appreciated.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 30, 2020, 04:34:13 AM »
Church in the age of COVID-19.  ;)

Race Your Engine
We need more communal wine

Honk in time with flashers
When's the intermission?

The FSM welcomes Automated Automotive Adoration!

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 30, 2020, 03:31:34 AM »
Onward Christian Soldiers??

There is only one God that deserves your fealty, our worship, your devotion and your contributions.

May his noodly appendages slowly bring you to rapture.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 29, 2020, 06:33:26 PM »
Why in the hell would anyone ask Elon about the spread of CV19?

I'm willing to accept that he's simply uninformed or misinformed. If he isn't and he's been fighting to keep his enterprizes busy anyway, then he's a very evil person.

EDIT] my remarks were a response to Archi's post.


With Xi and Putin wearing white surgical masks as well as white hats, it may be difficult for Trump to keep his sanctions in place. Europe may discover that inexpensive Russian gas burns every bit as clean as the expensive American LNG. This could hurt Trump with his base come November and might make the world a safer place if the Democrats can control the mighty MIC. :)

People will have long memories of those who rode through the night to rescue them, and their memories of those who forced the rescuers to make a long detour could last even longer.

Poland has done itself no favors.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 28, 2020, 03:44:35 AM »

I'm at a loss when you write of the prejudice on this forum.
I've noted a few anti-Chinese, anti-Russian zealots that take unnecessary crude shots at cultures they know little or nothing about. Usually I or others try to take a swipe, then let it pass.

There is no prejudice in Bruce or his writing.

What else is there to say.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:29:45 AM »
That's terrible news that you're reporting from Fresno.

Get back home and slam the gate behind you!
What's happening today in Italy and NYC will happen soon in Los Angeles, San Francisco & apparently Fresno.

I expected so much more from California.
Is CalTrans at least providing protective garments for their work crews? Those guys are going to be filling a lot of hospital beds. Beds that nurses, cashiers, drivers and other heros of these times might yet need.

The "Macho" mindset so prevalent in California is going to be the cause of much suffering. It's the meek that will win this round.

Toyota is ahead of the curve and has extended it's proactive plant closures that have been in place across all North America. Hopefully their (healthy) employees will be rested and ready when it's again safe to build great cars and mingle with the public.

Hope you got a good price for your precious porcine protein. ::)
Get Isolated, Stay Isolated & Stay in Touch.

Policy and solutions / Re: Lessons from COVID-19
« on: March 27, 2020, 11:30:18 PM »

His papers have expired, he's broken quarantine or whatever safeguards that more than one country had put in place, and you're now responsible for transporting him halfway around the world.

If it should turn out that he's an asymptomatic carrier responsible for outbreaks in possibly 3 countries, what should his punishment be? What if there are multiple deaths following in his path?

Do you share criminal responsibility, and if not why not. Laws were evidently broken, some before he enlisted your aid and some under your direction.

Should he - and yourself be civilly responsible for any harm he may have caused? What's the life of a Jet Pilot worth - how about the life of an Argentinian Peon?

I understand your motivation and might have done the same, though I certainly wouldn't admit my culpability on the internet.
I hope of course that he's well and has never been responsible for anyone catching as much as a mild case of the sniffles. I also dare hope that before some other doting father contemplates "rescuing" a loved one, that he considers the damage that his compassionate act might cause.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 27, 2020, 05:52:39 AM »

No down side. I am now having to advise friends who have tested positive and who are running 102.5F fevers to bloody well get to the hospital.

There are vastly more people symptomatic in the US than the confirmed numbers show. The US is in the deep end of the muck. Trump brought the swamp to DC with him, and his swamp creatures are killing us.

It was the numbers coming out of NYC that shattered whatever preconceptions I'd had.
I hate to admit it but I don't remember where you're from. The perspective from a state which is locked down is probably very different than the view from an open state that hasn't taken much of a hit yet.

When I hear of Musk making great progress here or there I'm forced to remember that he'd be jailed here for the same actions. I don't expect much from Florida, Texas or Nevada - but California should be standing up, shutting him down, and fining him for every minute that he's putting people's lives in danger.
He's a multiheaded Typhoid Mary.

My friends locked up their shops because it was the right thing to do, and because they'd be in big trouble if they didn't. Pandemic Profiteer has a nice ring to it & it is alliterative.

If the US and Europe hope to survive this more or less intact they need to enforce national laws that can break the back of this, or similar diseases. One scofflaw that breaks ranks can ruin a multi Billion dollar quarantine.
The Americans have RICO Laws in place and a frankly terrifying history of asset seizure. I'm unsure if Europe or German law has anything similar.

Stay Isolated. Stay angry at those who negate your efforts.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 27, 2020, 02:38:26 AM »

If you should overstate the danger that CV19 presents, then more people might choose to self isolate, avoid risks to themselves and others, and possibly lead longer, healthier lives.

What's the downside?

Perhaps the generations that grew up on Horror Flicks where crowds ran screaming from Godzilla, or where elderly alcoholics sped their motorhomes recklessly across Pahrumpian Deserts to escape emaciated Martian Marauders, now believe that the great unwashed will inevitably, and foolishly panic when faced with sobering news.

Politicians have come to fear that any 'leader' projecting a less than rosy outcome will lose his or her favoured position at the trough. Sycophants posing as "experts" repeat the party line lie so often that it's common knowledge that the millions of once projected dead have been transmuted into millions of asymptomatic, possibly infected, but nonetheless unaffected, workers. All eagerly chomping at the bit for the opportunity to return to the treadmill just in time for their Easter Holiday Vacation, and the Traditional Easter Dinners where relatives gather together in mass and give thanks to the Wise Incumbents who lead them so successfully during these trying times.


Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:52:01 AM »
The involuntary DNR Do Not Resuscitate posts were interesting.
As a mid 70s male with ongoing breathing problems I'll make sure to sign a DNR before I'm hauled off.
I'd done so in the past and survived. This time it might save my bed and ventilator for someone more likely to benefit.

When adding up the possible death counts, those unable to receive life saving interventions unrelated to CV19 need to be taken into account.
I've one friend already who isn't having her cancer treated as rapidly as would have been the case if the pandemic wasn't at our door.

Wikipedia has decent articles on the Black Death & The Black Death in England that speculate on the effect on politics, religion and the economy.

Stay Isolated. Stay in Touch

"Having some company will be worth the risk."
Bruce - I hope it doesn't come to that.

I was kept in isolation for 10 days in a Californian penal camp once and it was mind breaking.
Spending weeks at home with my sweety and my toys ain't too bad.

Don't risk your health - please.
Having a connection with you, and others on this forum makes self isolating so much easier.

Sorry if I'm sounding like some sort of frigging ass, but I don't want a dirge in Bruce's Memory to be posted on the damn good music thread.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 26, 2020, 12:52:39 AM »
We've been lucky in the past & may get lucky this time around.
All we can and should do as individuals is stay at home.

We're not being asked to defend Stalingrad, just to sit quietly at home.

Group meetings of 3 or more have been banned at McMasters University. A wise edict that precludes group activities of any kind.

Stay out of the Streets! Stay in Isolation. Stay in Touch.


Thank you. I have been in total isolation for two weeks. I am planning a minimum of 12 more and can easily stay isolated for 40 weeks. My many friends are not so fortunate. Many are still having to work. Many are now out of work and do not know how they will survive financially. Safety for me is not my concern. My decades of experience will protect me. My worry is for the safety, health, and welfare of others, not just in my community and nation, but in the world. Alas, the world does not want to be helped. Neither apparently does my nation.

I think we both worry more for the plight of others than any discomfort that may fall our way.
I'm in my 2nd day of isolation after a 21 day isolation prior to a short jaunt outside with mask and gloves.
I suppose I could continue on indefinitely as long as water, power, and food are provided. We've a fairly stable safety net in Ontario and I don't imagine that any will fall through for lack of available funds.
I believe that rent and utilities will not need to be paid until sometime after the crisis, but that's not written in stone.

AFAIK no one I know personally is working. If they were I'd advise them to stop if their work isn't essential. My friend in Florida is teaching her classes from home on the internet & she is having a difficult time living without friends to interact with. She's only been in the States since the semester began and knows no one. She ate out once last week.
Another here in Ontario recently tested positive for breast cancer and now her treatment can't begin until the worst of this has past. She seems to be taking it in stride.

Our first duty to family and friends is to stay healthy, otherwise we're a burden to everyone and everything. My hope is that I'll be able to help a little once the worst has past.

Stay Isolated
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