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Consequences / Re: Hurricane Season 2020
« on: September 16, 2020, 11:20:02 PM »
Isn't a Chart like this supposed to be the opening shot in some Hollywood "Global Climate Catastrophe" Sci Fi Movie from the mid 1990's?........

EDIT: Oh ,and let's not forget the one in the Med. of course........

The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: August 28, 2020, 07:17:36 PM »
Congratulations Gray-Wolf! :) Very glad for you to be able to (this quick) realise your goal and dream I guess because now you can start another path. A path full of other people and personal exploration and satisfaction. May your boat steer into good waters.

Thanks nanning!

I'm into overshoot so the excess is going to buy musical instruments for the kiddies who visit 'Francis House' in Didsbury, Manchester.

It is a charity that give respite to terminal/seriously disabled kiddies and used to care for my Son Luker prior to his passing.

It's nice that I can spend a few weeks now pushing for funding for them in a kind of 'payback' for the kindness folk showed me?

The forum / Re: Forum Decorum
« on: August 27, 2020, 04:36:40 PM »
Nice idea but... e.g. You would not want to read whatever any translator program would create from finnish original.... ;)

In the UK in the 1980's we had a sitcom called "Allo,Allo!" which was set in occupied France. The Gendarme was a British agent but his control of French was appalling..... sounds like what would occur if we all resorted to google.Babel to speak to our friends in their native tongue!

The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: August 27, 2020, 01:09:03 PM »
:thumbs up:

Cruel Ways to Troll Guitar Center: Bass Guitar Edition at  Paranormal Guitar Channel


Just after I dropped that post a kind lady (Sandra) dropped £100 and filled up the total so I will be a Bass player!!!

The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: August 27, 2020, 12:22:34 AM »
Feel a bit shady asking you Guys but might you spread my 'gofundme' page around your other social media outlets/following for me? Thanks in advance!


A guy called Ian just dropped £150 into the fund!!!!

Some days the world is filled with Good Folk and sunshine!!!

Consequences / Re: Hurricane Season 2020
« on: August 26, 2020, 02:09:07 PM »
Well Laura is now Cat 3 so our first Atlantic Basin 'Major' of the year!

She does appear to be 'bombing' presently so Cast 4 by local sunset is not out of the question...

She's still a little misshapen and the center keeps having trachoidal wobbles (like a spinning top does before it falls over?) so trying to pin down landfall 'by eye' is a tad tricky!

One to watch guys!!!

The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: August 25, 2020, 06:38:28 PM »
Gray-Wolf, did you get any malpractice payments for this nurse's flub?

Sadly , back in 67', working class Brits weren't that litigious and I was 4 years 1 month myself....

The 'Specialist' was fuming when he heard of what had occurred so I do not know what became of the Ward Sister but I do not think she will have just had a few choice words from him?

The Contracture is generally found in old folk or folk in earthquake zones. Old folk have falls and compress their own limb until they are rescued and Earthquake victims are crushed under buildings so to find a healthy boy so mutilated really upset him (I recall).
He did use my case in the Royal Liverpool teaching hospital though!....

In the UK you have 7 years to make any claim and no company would accept the case when I came to realise that I should have received compensation for my losses so the case died (no win no fee companies)

If you know some other way around this 'legal position' I would be all ears my friend! (I do feel that the 'case notes', with the specialists comments, will still be out there due to the 'rarity' of the condition in one so young in the UK?).

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:46:48 PM »
El Cid wrote: "September should be pretty good"

But September is when kids and college students go back to school in many places. You are not expecting any bump in infection from all of those interactions?

My non medical take is that 'Life will find a way' so placing the virus among hard to infect ,immature lungs, will surely see only the drift/mutations that aid it in infecting (& so reproducing?) in such victims becoming the dominant strain?

And what if that is what we do see suring September (after we offer up this novel feast to this 'Novel Virus'?)?

How would such a change impact 'Adult lungs' with their full quoia of receptor spikes?

 Cytokine Storm anyone?

The rest / Re: Arctic Café
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:21:24 PM »
Feel a bit shady asking you Guys but might you spread my 'gofundme' page around your other social media outlets/following for me? Thanks in advance!

My right arm/shoulder was crippled by our UK health service back in 67' when I turned up at A&E with a Greenstick Fracture to my right elbow.

Sadly the Ward Sister decided that ,as it was Sat Tea time and busy,she'd become a Dr and so abandoned any protocol declaring my arm 'Strained' and so bandaged it tightly.

Sadly, it being a fracture, the arm tried to swell up overnight collapsing the blood supply and so killing the muscle (Volkmann's ischemic contracture) leaving my hand in a tight fist and with no feeling up to my shoulder.

4 years of daily (apart from Easter Sunday/Christmas Day and New Years day) physio at the Hospital gave me some use of my arm and the 'stretching' devices I was strapped into every night gave me pincer grip for my right thumb & forefinger.

I was right handed BTW

The regime of exercises keeps my hand open (not in a fist) and I've transposed some of the daily exercises onto the guitar.

This made me discover that the movement of the other 3 fingers, apart from being restricted, have the abilities an y 4 year old has with their favoured hand?

Moving up to a Bass string (from a steel string folk/nylon string Spanish) might further aid me recover the use of my hand?

I know at 57 yrs old it's late in the day but humour me eh?

The forum / Re: Forum Decorum
« on: August 25, 2020, 02:43:05 PM »
This is an amazing place and I have no idea why we have all gone bonkers lately.
Could it be stress from the Lockdowns and other crises this year?

I kinda agree with this take Tom?

Across the internet I've seen folk appear to mentally explode (or implode?) due to the 'personal stresses' these 'interesting times' has placed on them?

Obviously anyone watching such 'odd' episodes from once respect posters (where ever it occurs?) is unsettling & can drive further outbursts from others in some perverse domino effect?

Maybe we should redouble our efforts to be more caring for those around us & more understanding that we are all different & that the way 'Mad 2020' is impacting us will vary from person to person?

Be Well Comrades!

Be Nice Comrades!


Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: August 24, 2020, 05:23:21 PM »
An article that at least says that there are more known unknowns than known knowns.

Hi Gerontocrat!

I take it you listened to our medical officers reassuring parents that going back to school will not be an issue for the kids?

Again I have to ask why we would not expect this 'hard to infect' demographic to force mutations that aid infection in minors to become the main strain circulating in that community?

I'm non medical so can only go on my own studies into viruses and how they infect/mutate/recombine (mainly done when caring for my seriously disabled son prior to H1N1 taking him in 2011?) but it does seem remiss (to me?) for our top medical officers not to mention the potential for 'drift' in the virus should we feed it this 'novel diet' of hard to infect minors?

If my fears are grounded in medical science then my next cogitation would be the impact on such a 'drifted' version of Covid on folk with 'mature lungs' carrying the 'normal' amount of receptor cells for the virus to connect with (and so infect folk?)?

Of course the answer would be "only time can tell" but I would would have imagined that we should do as we were told from the start of this Pandemic and 'hope for the best but prepare for the Worst'?

I hope it is just me being over sensitive to this thing?

Having suffered an 'autoimmune misfire' when I shared H1N1 with my deceased Son I will obviously worry about what a 'Healthy Body' can do to itself if the immune system suffers such a misfire.

The number of folk suffering 'Long Haul Covid' tells me the current strain already has the potential to trigger such autoimmune aberrations even before we force feed it a diet of hard to infect kids....

Of course the 'Powers that Be' wouldn't lie to us would they?

Consequences / Re: Hurricane Season 2020
« on: August 23, 2020, 04:00:11 PM »
So next week could see only the 3rd time 2 name storms were in the GOM at the same time (since 1851?) ?

I also worry about the impacts on that northern coast of the G.O.M. should Laura find the waters unmolested by Marco's passing?

We have seen, this past decade, just how fast storms can 'Bomb' these days and we have the remembrance of what Katrina did from Aug 23rd in 05'.....

I feel this is definitely one to watch esp. in these days of Covid.....

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: August 21, 2020, 12:16:06 AM »
Feck it!

I have been sanctioned (not here you understand?) for my Jan/Feb take on the threat of this Virus and now I feel I must speak out again (though I've hinted at my concerns these past few weeks?)

The U.S is finding an upsurge in School/College infection now they have gone back into class

Young, immature, Lungs do not have the same 'density' of 'receptor cells' as does an adult Lung.

The 'Corona Virus' is named for its 'Corona' of protein spikes in its surface.

These 'Protein Spikes' have already seen a 4 to 5  fold increase in number over the surface of the virus as it adapts to the 'New Host'.

How will WE force it to adapt when we offer it the new diet of 'Immature Lungs'?

I guess the mutations that best offord it a chance to infect such a fayre will become the 'New' major strain in circulation?

What when this new 'Major Strain' hits an Adult, mature, filled with its 'average' quotient of 'receptor Cells' Lung?

An Adult Lung protected with a 'young/robust' immune system?

Would such a 'Mega Infector' Virus not potentially trigger an autoimmune 'over-reaction' to the threat in such folk?

The 'Cytokine Storm' that took tens of millions of our young in late 1918/early 1919 was such an 'autoimmune misfire', Blue on Blue....

Did Hominids evolve with a 'Kill Switch' to stop a 'Novel Virus' from driving extinction events?

Is that what the 'Cytokine Storm' is?

A 'Kill Switch' dropping the very folk most likely to transmit any new Virus?

The Young,Fit and Active?.........

Policy and solutions / Re: Lessons from COVID-19
« on: August 21, 2020, 12:10:59 AM »

Indeed, but there are few signs of people connecting the dots, especially in mainstream media. Actually, the virus is used to reinforce BAU. For instance, it has been used as an instrument, possibly decisive, in the war on populism.

Oh Neven!

We dare not think ourselves 'Mainstream' can we?

I tell my kids (over so many 'human traits'?) that we are ALL on a scale from 1 to 100 percent?

We must therefore assume 1/3 of the population (for whatever reason?) are more gullible than the 2/3rds of the population above them (in their ability of not being 'Gullible'?) and so are 'easily lead/misinformed/blanked out from ever learning of things.....

Then, within that 2/3rds above the gullible some will actively be part of the horrors driving our world....and a good portion tied in so close with 'Family Life' that they 'self isolate' from the reality they should be baulking?

The likes of you (and your efforts, esp. since 07'?) is aiding folk in finding 'the dots' to join together!

Keep Well Neven

Keep you and yours Safe!


Arctic sea ice / Re: The 2020 melting season
« on: August 19, 2020, 07:58:00 PM »
If i'm right back in 2012 we saw that Northern Greenland  Coastal strip of thick ice melt out over August? (5m ice from the plots IIRC?) and all from 'Bottom Melt'....

The wallop of energy we have seen go into the Arctic Basin this summer had the 'new' configuration of ice (for this time of year?) giving plenty of openings for direct transfer to the ocean below (even 1m ice transmits to the waters below I believe?) and so giving us these anomalously warm sst's

I fear that any storms that now arrive will just tumble the (ever smaller?) floes in a constantly replenishing supply of 'warm water' (over 4c?)?

The DMI 80N plot hints at what Polarstern has just confirmed for us, there is plenty of heat able to rise from the ocean beyond 80N!

I hope there are no sub 975 mb storms in the horizon......

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: August 19, 2020, 06:06:35 PM »
Great Gray Wolf.
Remember, it was the second Wave of the Spanish Flu that was the catastrophe.


At that time H1N1 was a 'novel' zoonotic transfer (from pigs in the U.S. army camps?) and for the first 2/3rds of that year (1918) was just 'settling in' to the new hosts. as an aside I lost my Father & Son to H1N1 [Swine Flu] in 2010 & 11' and I was left with this barsteward 'Post Viral Syndrome' [via a cytokine-esque storm] for my troubles..... never try and tell me about "a little Flu"!!!!

So (potentially?) here we go again!

The forcing that our unfettered capitalism (under the neolib elites) is placing upon both Society & the Virus might lead to us finally freeing ourselves from that yolk (due to the unnecessary losses we are suffering..... so their stocks/shares don't?) and so may have a chance at the scale of changes needed (across our World?) to best mitigate against both AGW and the Novel Virus?

Hope springs eternal eh?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: August 19, 2020, 05:12:03 PM »

Bit if lockdown madness descending across the Forum eh?

Covid-19 is still 'a baby' , not even 1 year old yet? But here are folks declaring they 'know' of its potential and the dangers it poses to the global population?

Every time a new person is infected the virus will show changes as it multiplies. We do not know if those 'changes' will bring advantage to the virus so become the 'dominant strain'

Thus far we have seen the surface protein spikes on the virus increase 4 or 5 fold since Feb. These spike help the virus attack to your cells and so infect them.

Now we appear to be about to feed the beast our young adults/children? Immature lungs do not have the same density of 'receptors' on their lungs for it to readily attach to (even with that 4 to 5 fold increase of surface protein spikes?) so will we be 'forcing' mutations in the virus so it can better infect this new group of sacrificial test subjects?

Then what?

Well if the virus does increase its infectivity even more do we not run the risk of our bodies 'throwing a wobbly' when we get this massive initial infection?

Will the immune/autoimmune system cope with this 'freak out' of the systems reporting the infection?

Will the immune/autoimmune system possibly 'over-react'?

Will we see those 'healthy,Robust' immune of younger adults/Adults systems trigger 'Cytokine Storms' as an 'over-response' to a virus that now is able to trigger such due to the changes we are set to potentially force on it?

Why did we see the change in 1918 that forced the Cytokine Storm in so many millions globally?

Was it again due to the 'novel diet' the virus was fed in in the army camps/troop ships/the Front?

Covid-19 is far from being over, if anything it's just beginning!!! (IMHO)

Consequences / Re: Hurricane Season 2020
« on: August 19, 2020, 02:01:31 PM »
There seems to be a conveyor belt in operation at the moment:

IIRC 05' had a number of 'Cape Verde' storms of which 3 saw early 'recurves' up the coast of Africa and threatening ther Med/NW Europe?

I wonder if this year will see similar 'recurves' if the tropical wave 'conveyor belt' continues into September?

Interesting times ahead!

Arctic sea ice / Re: 2020 Sea ice area and extent data
« on: August 06, 2020, 02:21:57 PM »
You awesome folk!

Just retweeted the page as I have no cash but lots of followers.....

I'm sure any 'excess' funding can be diverted to the needs of the Forum once Gerontocrat is sorted out?

Arctic sea ice / Re: The 2020 melting season
« on: July 29, 2020, 12:51:57 PM »

We have (well Me!) used DMI80N since 07' so we have a clear series of plots that have all been derived the same way so we measure apples with apples when we look at the plots across the years?

That said this 'uptick' on the plot was something I always feared seeing as, to me, it either indicates a very broad/powerful WAA able to cover most of that area for a short period or that the 'pegging of temps' that the latent heat of fusion provides (whilst there is ice to melt?) has broken down due to low ice cover in the region?

Which of the above is driving this uptick?

Arctic sea ice / Re: The 2020 melting season
« on: July 21, 2020, 12:41:20 PM »
There is 825,000km2 less ice than 2012 right now. 

That makes it really hard to compare 20 vs 12.

That means 2020 has open water the size  of TEXAS plus another 135,000km2 over 2012.

We know the losses over the GAC in 2012 and if 2020 has those losses (nearly?) 'in the bank' prior to the period those loses occurred in Aug then will we be looking favourite to set a new record low?

But then what if 2020 threw in its own GAC over Aug????

I feel a big Thanks is due to you for your tireless efforts across the whole site Gerontocrat!

Without your data getting my 'daily overview' of the world would be a much longer exercise but be it Arctic,Antarctic,Greenland,Global you're there in spades!!!

Consequences / Re: Floods
« on: June 29, 2020, 01:29:10 PM »
The UK in recent years has done its best to catch up with the US in implementing "falta manutenção".

There is now loads of blah blah about developing resilience to combat the effects of climate change, and the opportunity for a post-covid green new deal. The dam failures are just another example of the way climate change is going to expose to daylight the rotten state of so much of that on which we depend.

The weekends downpours across Yorkshire, UK, again has me thinking of the issues our 'Flood Alleviation Works' will cause for the communities downstream of us that have had no such 'preparations' put in place for either increased rainfall events or the increase in flow that our works will feed into the channels downstream?

With the loss of the E.U. 'Regional Development Fund' to help with costs, augmented by the economic pressures our leaving the E.U. appears to have in store for us in the UK, I find it hard to envisage how works to beef up existing defences can occur...... no matter the needs of the communities impacted?

Permafrost / Re: Arctic Methane Release
« on: June 12, 2020, 04:43:09 PM »
New Study Reveals Cracks Beneath Giant, Methane Gushing Craters

These 'pre-existing Faults' have always had me a tad concerned esp. as the complex moves inland into the permafrost?

If 'free Methane' is finding 'previously blocked' pathways through the complex of faults then areas can be becoming pressurised by the added migration?

If permafrost degradation is leading to the weakening of 'caps' over free methane reserves then this methane could surely take only 2 main pathways? One, via leakage directly into the layers above and Two, migration into existing reserves via interconnecting fault lines?

Consequences / Re: Global Surface Air Temperatures
« on: May 18, 2020, 04:50:56 PM »

 1.64C compared to 1750).

Highest anomalies in the Arctic Ocean and across Siberia.

Didn't they tell us that 1.5c above pre-industrial would cost us our Permafrost?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 17, 2020, 11:31:09 PM »
From here in the UK....

To me (alone it appears?) it apears that the gods/fates are pretty pizzed at the selfissh, I ,Me,Mine, mentality which seems to be now 'deep rooted' in Society and so 'WE' are now being given a radical work over by 'Nature' Herself?

How many 'Socialist Actions' are now being rolled out, only 3 months away from a thumping 80 seat majority for the "I ,Me,Mine" mentality surely needed for such a result? How do such voters reconcile their choice on Dec 12th with the 'Reality' now (apparently?) needed?

All the folk whining for "Get Brexit Done" are now getting a real time view of just what such ' Splendid Isolation' means (prior to our severing contacts with our European Partners on Jan 1st?) to the UK?

All the folk who ignored the disabled/unemployed now face 'living' under their 98 quid a week reality....... (eat yer oats guys & all will be well!!!!)

The ''silent move' to a majority of rented accomodation now comes front and centre as folk try and make their '98 Quid' cover rent and 'leccy/gas/food'......

We may have been 'whining ,annoying voices' in the recent past but now 'Millions' will face our 'fate'..... for months beyond their 'repossession' date.....

And mortgages?

We saw in the 80's how 'compassionate' such comps were (and the millions left in negative equity for decades?)

All the folk 'turning their backs' on the 130,000 'needless'  dead since 2010 are now losing their shiite about 71 dead!!!!!!

Get Real folks!!!

You, over the past ten years.; have voted for 'YOU' alone......time to think of 'OTHERS'?

'They've done it to us' (whilst you wilfully ignored?) now they'll do it to you (and your loved ones!!!) be sure of it!!!


EDIT: Maybe ALL that a 'Corbyn Govt' promised suddenly appears more 'humane' now eh?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:46:16 AM »
I think the second phase has started, where the message will be: It can't be stopped, everyone will get it and need to get it, and then we and, more importantly, the economy can just continue as is.

The third phase will then be when people will just shrug it off, and it will have become normal, boring even. The symptoms will be dealt with, no systemic changes will be made, some people will profit mightily at the expense of the masses, and then it's on to the next global catastrophe.

I hope that the millions that stood by and did nothing as the 'neolib' reality was rolled out around them ('cause they had no need of most of that being 'cut/decimated?) will find need of these run into the ground 'public services, and so then push for change when we get to the other side of all of this?

Already in the UK 'Sick Pay' has suddenly been spotlighted and people aren't happy at the amounts paid should they 'fall sick' (Yet many have been struggling to survive on this pittance for a decade now without wider uproar?)?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 10, 2020, 04:38:57 PM »

I named this a "side effect" because consequences go far beyond the direct lethality and demographic impact of the virus, which was the main point of my post.

In the UK the 'side effect of a right wing regime for 10 years is 17,000 less beds and 48,000 nurses short with 'corridors' routinely used for treatment even when not facing a pandemic!!!!

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 08, 2020, 11:45:36 AM »
Here in the UK that 'lower 1/3rd of society (that aided in securing us Brexshyte and johnson?) are now abroad without the MSM shrieking at them as to how best to progress so we now appear likely to see them at their 'Dunning/Kruger' best?

When they are no longer of use to'The Establishment' then the very folk that should be taking their time with them to make sure 'The Penny Drops' for them (and that they know how to act as 'Team Players' over the crisis?) will just desert them and leave them to their own designs........

Every 'rumour' of shortages will see them out and about 'hoovering up' every last item of said 'scarcity' leaving nothing for the rest....

They will, of course, forget who has been handling those products prior to them grabbing them....or to wash up B4 they next 'Face Touch'....

Keep well clear of 'Wetherspoons' for the next period eh?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 06, 2020, 02:37:14 PM »
For those "waiting to hear it's in my area!" before taking it seriously? Don't!

By that time it will have been in your area, and circulation, for a potential 14 days 'asymptomatically' and a potential further 7 days as symptoms emerged and became bad enough for the victim to 'present' to the Health Service?

Meanwhile , like a scene from 'Gringotts Bank' where 'Le Strange's' Vault's 'doubling spell for silverware' is set off, further 'carriers' have been being produced (and creating their own 'carriers'?) day upon day....... better off to act is if it is HERE RIGHT NOW and so get a jump on the blighter?

"It's only affecting the elderly and is mild for most".....

In Aug 1918 so was H1N1!!!

But the return of a 'drifted' clade of H1N1 to the camps where the 'original clade' was still in circulation allowed the two clades to meet in a victim and to 'recombine' into something far deadlier.....

At present there are at least 4 'recognisably different' 'flavours' of Covid-19 in circulation, Wuhan,Iranian,S.Korean and Italian........

Never the twain shall meet or is a 'recombination' event inevitable?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 05, 2020, 11:10:13 PM »
So what do we know of our dance with Covid-19 in the UK today?

Prof Witty, in his Govt. briefing this a.m. confirmed that our best 'modellers' (he insist probably the best in the Planet?) still go with 80% total infection before 'herd immunity' allows the Virus to peter out.

He tells us if we do not s-l-o-w the rate of infection 'Peak infection' could occur over a 3 week window (with the bulk of infections occurring over that time?)

He challenged, via a number of caveats, W.H.O.'s CFR of 3.4 insisting his 1% (or less?) CFR more representative

What do we do?

Frequent hand cleansing esp. when out and about

Avoid 'ill' people keeping at least 3 ft clear of them, this number varies between '3ft' (from our C.M.O. & W.H.O.), 6ft from the Wuhan Whistleblower Dr & 9ft from the U.S. 'Coronavirus prof.'

My take?

'Le Strange's Vault' in 'Gringotts Bank' (when the 'silverware starts to 'double'?) has been going on now a while in the UK & that there are now a significant No. of folk, currently 'asymptomatic', (but spreading virus?) walking around?

I think that we need act as though it's 'HERE, NOW!' and take the precautions advised to try and s-l-o-w the outbreak down and s-p-r-e-a-d , as wide as possible, the period carrying 'Peak Infection'??

If we don't want the health system to fall over for a short period of time then we must try our best (or accept the deaths a functioning health Service would have saved, if 'Functioning', and wonder if we could/should have tried harder?)

Be Well.

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 04, 2020, 12:41:06 PM »
Just me musing but did we not get warned by the 'Wuhan Whistleblower Dr' (who sadly died?) in january that the virus could live up to 9 Days on surfaces?

Our advice, in the UK, is that it survives only a matter of hours?

This 'quality' of the virus might be restricted to Wuhan's version but , and it's a big but, if not it puts a whole new spin on "Now wash your hands!"?

If, once the virus is here and infecting H2H, it might be serve you well to imagine ALL surfaces you touch as 'infected'?

It'll certainly get you washing those hands lest you 'self infect' will it not?

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 03, 2020, 03:28:11 PM »

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 02, 2020, 02:15:44 AM »
Uncoffined they were strewn

Tangled corpses lay unmourned

'The Great White Dope' naire a Cobra called yet still they fell asunder in their masses

#COVID2019 did 4 me

Yet far too busy the elite be

To mourn their lack of humanity

When my end came

'The unknown victims'


Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 01, 2020, 06:49:37 PM »
All bets are off if we do see a high 'R0' leading to a 'peak infection', in developed nations, that crashes health services (via swamping them but also leaving many staff suffering the virus with the rest of us?)

Symptoms that we can 'treat', in normal times, will lead to unnecessary death as will a plethora of other 'run of the mill', easily cured ailments, over that period? ....... drive safe over peak infection eh?.... nobody's coming to pull you out of your wreck nor will there be a bed in Hospital waiting for your mangled self.......

Can some of our posters just read up on the 1918 'Spanish Flu' and just how it impacted their health service over peak infection purlease!

As we , here in the UK, had said to us from our telly's (in the early 80's) 'Don't die of ignorance'

Be Well people!

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: March 01, 2020, 06:32:03 PM »
So banned me for updating folk to the sweeping powers our 'Great White Dope' (here in the UK?) has just invested himself with (and gifted his chief advisor, cummings, with power over ALL Govt. advisors) using Covid-19 as a reason (even though page 48 of the manifesto he was elected on pretty much followed Hitler's 1933 'investment' into a dictator?)....... what's all that about then?

Free speech,

One each.......

They'll wish they'd listened to me when they're being welded into their homes.....

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: February 26, 2020, 02:34:05 PM »
I'd agree Kassy and here in the UK we have some schools on 'Lockdown', as of yesterday, because of school trips returning from Italy..... sadly their Parents/siblings are not being told to 'self isolate' and so are still going to their schools/work etc???

Madness I say!

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: February 26, 2020, 12:05:41 PM »
As one of the many that H1N1 left with a 'Post Viral Syndrome' I would urge you all to take some time over the weeks to come to practice 'relaxation techniques'?

As we saw back in the 80's (when it was called 'Yuppie flu') the syndrome seems to strike those with high stress/high anxiety lives.

My take is that the 'fight or flight response is firmly locked 'On' in such people (my stresses were the 24/7 care of my seriously disabled son) so the immune system is switched 'Off' leaving you open to 'complications' from viruses that trigger the autoimmune cascade of symptoms?

I'm not being a 'killjoy' and telling you to lay off the hooch (if you self medicate with such?) but to get your head into as good a space as you can prior to exposure...... you DO NOT want to end up like me once you've survived the virus!!!

Be well people!

Consequences / Re: COVID-19
« on: February 25, 2020, 12:06:15 PM »
less than 10k.

Its under control in China, maybe 5k total there. It will be more easily controlled elsewhere, maybe 2k total there. Summer is coming.

I voted the same. I'm more worried about the panic than the disease itself. Once people realise this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster and boredom sets in again, we'll have another flu variant at the most. Probably a good time to invest in the pharmaceutical industry.

I wish I could muster the same level of 'Hope' as your good self Neven?

The virus is 'out and running Free' with us always up to 2 weeks behind the game so far as 'Cases' and 'Spread' are concerned?

If we could rely on the numbers coming out of China we'd be better able to understand both the 'R0' and the 'CFR' ...... as it is the + or - error bars are so wide when the potential numbers are so large?

Fully agree on the civil unrest aspects of the virus esp. over 'peak infection'?

When the masses grasp that their health Service is failing and absenteeism is impacting all aspects of the supply/demand networks the gods alone know what will pan out..... I'm glad I'm not in a nation where every Tom,Dick and Harry are 'open carrying' is all I'll say!!!!

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 22, 2020, 08:25:31 PM »
Incubation time is a huge variable to consider here i think, Wili.


Its purpose is to replicate and spread.

If it can be growing .unnoticed in a host for anything from 5 days up to a whopping alleged 42 days (one chinese woman after a visit to Wuhan and before the virus was supposed to be widespread in other Chinese provinces?) then it has plenty of opportunity to reproduce and spread?

If the 'host' then dies after completing this directive so what?

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 22, 2020, 02:21:53 PM »
GW, multiple experts have examined the structure of this thing and determined that it is not man-made.

If you have expert testimony to the contrary, please present it. Otherwise, please stop spreading unfounded conspiracy theories on the forum.


Wili , sorry for the offence but it was posted to provide just the opposite of your conclusion? I'm sorry the levity escaped you?

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 22, 2020, 12:01:38 AM »
it just appears 'odd' that those of 'faith' appear more at risk from this via their 'communal' activities?

I suppose we can't discern 'his almighty plan' ?

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 21, 2020, 11:49:58 PM »
Islam, in my understanding, demands we prostrate ourselves 5 times a day (in close quarters with others in the room?)

How will this pan out in Iran?

And the Christian's (cult or other?) how will their 'gatherings' hasten spread?

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 20, 2020, 04:20:07 PM »
I am not getting a mask. It would just make me touch my face all the more, being so uncomfortable. YMMV.

Still, please do wear a mask if you develop respiratory symptoms.  Masks might be useless for keeping virus out, but they're very likely helpful for keeping virus in.

Correct! over my years of caring for Luke WE wore the masks to protect him!

Permafrost / Re: Permafrost general science thread
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:24:50 AM »

"Analysis published in the journal Nature shows methane emissions from fossil fuels owing to human activity is around 25 percent to 40 percent higher than thought."

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 18, 2020, 07:17:58 PM »
This is BS, Gray-Wolf.

It does not even deserve the FUD label. It's straight BS out of the of a rotten mind.

I think you shouldn't share such stuff.

Done and done!

Glad I asked!

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 17, 2020, 12:35:55 PM »
Maybe new cases are dropping. Maybe they are not. Since these are Chinese statistics they have a cloud over their reliability. In a week or so we should see. It’s gotta peak eventually, if just from running out of victims.

I believe W.H.O. are now on the ground in China so we may begin to get a clearer picture of the outbreak when they report back?

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 14, 2020, 10:10:05 PM »
Whilst my dearly departed Son was alive his fragility always had me wound up about the Chinese New Year and their 'Wet Markets'

Back then it was H5N1 and the zoonotic transfer from Chicken/Pigs over the 'biggest Human migration' at that time.

My fear was a jump, H2H, and then the spread returning travellers would facilitate.

Then we saw SARS and ,for a moment, it was touch and go.

Then we saw the return of H1N1 and ,sadly it did for both Luke and my Father and left me hanging on with Post Viral Syndrome (or any other of a plethora of names for an auto immune running rogue?)

Then this.

Again 'Wet Markets' , again C.N.Y. but this time the virus was already out and spreading by the time we saw the travel for the event take place (before restrictions took place?)

Now we have the spectre that International travel has 'let the cat out of the bag' with accidental transfer from folk returning from 'Hot Spots'......

Let's keep level heads but let's keep up to date on the evolution of all of this?

Consequences / Re: Chinese coronavirus
« on: February 12, 2020, 10:26:14 AM »
Here you go Paddy , from yesterday;

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