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I also don't believe that kids have been instrumentalized. As teenagers, we were protesting mainly for human rights (apartheid...) and nobody was making pressure on us. My parents didn't really want us on the streets.

Of course, one day out of school might sometimes be a motivation.

I remember stories where a journalist said that all the people in the protest had a new hat, it was is some Asian country, don't remeber which one, but here it is clearly not the case.

Teenagers are often able to put common interest before their own. This is mainly true as long as their parents are taking care of all the material aspects of life.

BTW why "even tagesthemen" is that a qualification?

In Germany we have something called "Öffentlich Rechtliche Medien". Tagesthemen/Tagesschau is the top news show there.

We all pay to finance independent media. The ÖRs are a well-trusted news source in Germany.

Wait, what? What do you mean instrumentalize kids??

These kids are scared because they know about science. This is told in Germany. Also, evolution and Kant btw.

Rest assured, these kids are not instrumentalized! They have their own brains.

Arctic sea ice / Re: The 2018 melting season
« on: August 21, 2018, 01:57:42 PM »
Oh, no one there at the Guardian knows the difference between an iceberg and a floe. A sub-editor just picked some vaguely related click-bait off a Getty stock photo collection. Be grateful there wasn't a scantily clad Inuit carving up narwhale blubber. It is the same with newspaper headlines. Total disconnect with the reporter. Just about every article, every newspaper.

I am more concerned about plagiarism of our site by scientists. Naturally, people trolling earlier about sunspots (#2 on the Skeptical Science nonsense thermometer) is a total turn-off. However this event was noticed here 3 full weeks prior to the Guardian article and has undergone huge technical development on multiple high-visitation forums.

The hit counts here indicate multi-100,000 views of postings and graphics on the article's subject. Please don't tell me that those don't include a whole lot of mainstream Arctic researchers. They come here because it's a huge time saver over daily trawling of satellite resources. Two clicks in the left column, set an alert as many have done, and you can skip over the sunspots and speculation right to coverage of the event.

Plagiarism is failure to cite or credit. Just because it is open source doesn't mean there's no obligation to link. What they are doing is reading the blog, taking the better ideas, and then re-doing the graphics and research text, often ineptly. That's not original research, it's theft. They don't want to credit the site because of loonies here, because it's just the internet, because people mostly post anonymously, because not everyone here is a card-carrying academic scientist.

However I am, the 6,700 cites to my peer-reviewed papers are more than all the scientists quoted in the Guardian article put together. This is plagiarism as it is understood in the scientific world and I am getting real fed up with it.

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