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Policy and solutions / The EU and the Arctic Council
« on: May 18, 2018, 08:49:33 AM »
In the recent years the Arctic has increasingly been called the arena of global confrontation, where the “Big Game” of 21st century takes place. Previously the Arctic zone has traditionally been considered the sphere of interests of the eight Arctic states, which territories (or at least their parts) are beyond the Arctic Circle. But now the situation has changed considerably.

The Arctic resources and opportunities attract all major international players, and the European Union is not an exception, although its separate constituent states are located, frankly speaking, far from the northern latitudes.

The European Union considers itself to be a direct participant in the Arctic policy due to the arctic status of its member-states – Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. But if to sort it out it’ll be obvious that the Arctic territory of Denmark – Greenland – is not part of the EU; Finland and Sweden do not have oceanic boarders with the Arctic and automatically drop out of the dispute over the Arctic shelf. Moreover, the term “EU Arctic policy” raises questions: the Union neither has any legal instruments for implementing full-scale initiatives, nor a clear definition of its policy in the region.

So may be Brussels bureaucrats should better deal with Brexit and leave attempts to politicize the region and use it in their own selfish ends?

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