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Quote from: Bob Wallace link=topic=438.msg153980#msg153980 date=1 "526084173

People are going to have to do make significant lifestyle changes if we are going to realistically combat climate change and other environmental issues.

No.  Lifestyles will not need to change.  If that were true then we would totally be screwed

Methinks Zizek is right when he says "People are going to have to do make significant lifestyle changes".
Methinks Bob is right when he says "If that were true then we would totally be screwed".

Fixing CO2 emissions will eventually happen as the economics tell business more and more that that is where the money is. But that will not stop a lot of Global Warming happening in the meantime. But technology can't bring back the passenger pigeon, the right whale and the numerous other species doomed to extinction. Technology can't fix an aquifer once it is broken. Technology can't fix melting of the permafrost and release of methane already baked into the system. Technology cannot stop vast areas of rainforest being cut down for palm-oil plantations. Technology cannot prevent the corruption of political systems allowing greed and stupidity to decide our future.

We are totally screwed.

End of polemic.

In which way does the middle dancer turn?

She's not turning. The camera is moving around her.  ;D

Consequences / Re: Places becoming less livable
« on: May 12, 2018, 05:46:41 PM »
I'm with you Terry.  I know in Phoenix at least, a given area of suburbia uses less water than the same area of orange trees.  Lots of citrus ripped out for suburbs in both Phoenix and California.  Plus with water becoming more scarce everyone is moving from flood to drip irrigation.  It's possible water use has remained the same, simply becoming more efficient with the same amount of water.  But I doubt it has increased significantly.

Snipped out the ending words from the video above with Kevin Anderson.

I really don't care about environmentalists, political colo(u)rs or individual perceptions.
In which way does the middle dancer turn?

It depends on which of the others you're looking at.

Focus on the facts and what we have to do. Then you end up close to this, a fast sprint over real and lesser discussed challenges ahead.

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