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The rest / Re: Lay People and accurate info
« on: September 09, 2018, 01:43:11 AM »
Thanks so much. You sound optimistic.
Mid-century works for me.

The rest / Lay People and accurate info
« on: September 08, 2018, 05:54:28 AM »

I'm not a scientist but I did hear from my college professors in the Geography/Environmental Studies Department at San Francisco State in the early 1980s that habitat for humans and animals might collapse by 2060-2080. I'm well aware of all the eco-disasters in progress (eg: drought, deforestation, desertification, ocean acidification, soil demineralization, collapse of fisheries, plastic, toxins, radiation, fires, floods, stronger hurricanes/typhoons, insect decline, etc..etc..etc...)

Been following some climate/collapse groups on Facebook that run the spectrum from Guy McPherson (we're dead in 2 months) to Paul Beckwith (hopeful technology will fix it) to Michael Mann (very hopeful) and (LOL, they should update their name). 

I know things are dire. I pay attention daily to global climate/weather events via FaceBook (I know, I know...), TruthOut, The Guardian, Weather channel. I look at, etc. and NASA sites and satellite images.

Wondering where on Facebook (ridiculous, I know) and elsewhere aside from this forum (too technical for me, you might want to add a section for acryonyms, LOL) might be the most up-to-date and ACCURATE source of info.

I tend toward the soon/imminent catastrophic thoughts since I had trust and faith/love in the old college professors so long ago and I need to sell a home that is in a precarious location for quakes, landslides, fire, erosion, etc.  Been safe so far other than some slight retaining wall bowing out (portends disaster) but I don't think that it will stay safe after a Blue Ocean Event.

Also, if folks have any predictions about the future of the San Francisco Bay Area they would like to share, I'd love to hear it. Well aware many Bay Area cities (interior bay and coastal) are planning for up to 1-2' of inundation in 2050 and 3-6' by 2100.

Will humanity even see 2050?

Thanks for any reality check you can give.


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