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This group is simply true believers who wish for the end to make their belief in the religion of global warming correct.  Scientifically the data does not support global warming.  Will any of you look at it? Of course not.


Arctic sea ice will increase next ten years.

Temp decreasing, look at the real data at GISS or METOFFICE.

No increased storms or hurricanes, or tornadoes.  See real data at the weather service.

Keep making shit up you idoits, you will lose.

More importantly, you hurt the poor in this world by starving them when all you do is increase energy prices through your arrogance and husbris.  Children dies daily because of your lack of understanding of basic math.

Temp still dropping!

Arctic sea ice still near record:

Only simpletons and idiots ignore data

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You are wrong.  Lets gamble you unscientific wannabe.

I would agree that noone was intimidated, but incentives for funding change and you're alot better off if your hypothesis fits the current norm and supports the status quo.  A good read:

Arctic sea ice / Re: The Cause of the Muted Melt of 2013
« on: August 11, 2013, 03:55:29 PM »
Isn't all this driven in the end by air and sea temperature?  Winds and ridges matter, but in the end it is the amount of ice generated on a year to year basis and the amount melted in place or further south.  This year was very weird from a over 80N temp.  The temp above 80N is almost always very consistent as the sun is up for 24 hours a day and little variation exists.  This year the amount below the average during melt season has been way below the norm (which generally tracks the green line average very closely during melt season):

Science / Re: Climate Change Deniers can’t Spin the Truth!
« on: August 11, 2013, 03:45:59 PM »
I do have a PHD and have had peer reviewed grants and papers and I fully agree with this view of the current chase for money that dominates the scientific endeavor:

It is getting old, but the key tenets are still true.  Always make sure you study the real data, yourself, before you buy either side of a scientific argument.  It does not mean you can do the science, but the data should be consistent with other publications and literature.  Fortunately in climate science this is dead easy as governments of the world publish it daily, compiled here and elsewhere:

Arctic sea ice / Re: Vote with your guts - And if... ?
« on: August 11, 2013, 03:36:00 PM »
How surprised is everyone about what is happening?  If it continues we could start building multiyear sea ice instead of losing it.  I did not expect a lower extent than 2012, but I certainly did not expect a much higher one either.

Will it stay below freezing, on average up there?

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