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The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 14, 2018, 03:16:53 PM »
Like, the Access Hollywood tape October 7, 2016
-- What was the real news on this day??

But heck I am seriously curious if the Pee Pee Tape is a thing :)

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:02:42 PM »
So lets call it flash grenades with tits :)
Trumpian modus operandi: Swamp the drain. Drown news-spacetime with silly or outrageous stuff.
The real things are behind this curtain.

And the porn star stuff isn't even new. Was it 2016 or 2017? :)

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 13, 2018, 07:47:28 PM »
Oha! and this Porn Star thing... Please don't look at the glimmer.... !!!!!
ROTFL... or, serious:
Haven't seen such a massive dose of chaff / Düppel thrown into news space
- ever since I've been watching Trumpistan news.

Anybody read the NYTimes article yet? Or got a paper copy of TIME magazine? (I once collected some since Reagan times...)

P.S.: Art critics may note that Florifulgurator has a typographical phase in his oeuvre...

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 13, 2018, 07:18:48 PM »
Would you 'Merricans please stop discussing the s-hole nation comment? A classical example of distraction, from a playbook we have seen often enough now. Don't look at that glimmer.

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:32:20 AM »
Hil(l)arious news evening (ca. 2am loc. time)...
First for the Hillary komplex...
MSNBC just had a hilarious sequence of snippets of Trump talking about Hillary. (2x during press conf. with prime minister of Norway... What is it with this Hillary??...)
Plus 2 other milestones of American Press history... Hahaaaaaaaaahahahaha....
Trump declared nuts.
But --
if it is Alzheimerish
(or maybe if just an elderly coke head with no brains to resist ageing except the ligneous core formed in late puberty)

The skills of the younger Trump might well be the last to get lost on him.

Thus that hunch again: America has a serious Hillary complex, just as big as the rightwingnut complex. If this and the above, Trump is still fit for manipulatio/fellatio of his presidency's target group. Oprah wouldn't be better.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:38:14 PM »
So, the transcript contains nothing seriously new regarding Trump.
It's perhaps more interesting regarding Browder (responsible for the Magnitsky act).
The only effect is that now suddenly everybody takes The Dossier seriously.
Well, perhaps not quite everybody.

Why am I not surprised that Terry keeps on holding the Kremlin line ?
Terry, you previously stated that you admire Putin.
Where does this bizarre opinion come from ?
Logic: U.S.A. is evil, ergo Putin is good.
That's how elderly conservatives here in Germany tend to think. The conclusion then gets reinforced by the Palmström effect: "That which must not, can not be." ( )

Consequences / Re: Wildfires
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:37:08 PM »
I know, it’s not all bad.  ;)
Yup, sounds like trivializing Global Warming ;) Pleading guilty.

Anyhow, one of my more radical plans to save the carbon cycle involves managed forest fires. Of eucalypt no less. Coppiced eucalypt, however, not the huge firebombs that ravaged Australia and Portugal.

I've been telling for almost a decade now that what is happening in California looks like a highway to desertification: Burn and flush, burn and flush, ... until all soil is gone and forests can no longer regrow.

But I'm not so sure about this theory. Any observations?

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:20:12 PM »
So, the transcript contains nothing seriously new regarding Trump.
It's perhaps more interesting regarding Browder (responsible for the Magnitsky act).
The only effect is that now suddenly everybody takes The Dossier seriously.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: January 09, 2018, 03:39:39 AM »
In the weeks leading up to the election, I saw *lots* of ads in my local Baltimore-area Craigslist, seeking to purchase temporary use of Facebook accounts.  I figured it must have something to do with a marketing plan for some new product. 

Right after the election, all these ads to purchase use of Facebook accounts vanished.  I suspect the new product was pro-Trump/anti-Hillary propaganda.

Wow! Anybody else aware of this? If not, contact some journalist asap.

P.S.: On second googling I found the following. So sure at least Mueller is aware...

Time to get the Gimp on my new box, to do some image overlay, and not just pure eyeballing. But not today  8)

Consequences / Re: Wildfires
« on: January 08, 2018, 06:06:28 PM »
Here is why wildfires aren't always bad.

Spreading grass fires to force their prey to flee.... 
Resulting in a short period of easy pickings –– then they abandon the ruined area, and move on. How human!  :-\
Not necessarily ruined. E.g. the deep fertile black soil (Chernozem) of Ukraine's wheat basket contains an enormous amount of fire derived carbon. Natural terra preta soil accumulated over millenia from grass fires.

Rodionov et al (2010), Black carbon in grassland ecosystems of the world

Wolf et al (2014), Black carbon: Fire fingerprints in Pleistocene loess–palaeosol archives in Germany
Maximum BC amount occurred at times of intensive pedogenesis [soil formation]

What circular feature?
Amazing how visible the melt lakes are. Looks like a picture from summer (but isn't). Seems it hasn't snowed there yet.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: January 08, 2018, 05:49:06 AM »
And that does not even count what I believe were the biggest contributors of fake news during the election cycle (and before and after) : bots, dark posts, and trolls posting in comments of news articles.

The latter one was the most noticeable to me.
What I noticed on Facebook was a deluge of bizarre apeshit thrown at Hillary. I've befriended a bunch of mostly left and radical green Americans to observe the election, in addition to my real American FB friends.

Alas I haven't documented anything. There certainly was a Russian troll amoungst them, but most were real. Many were happily playing Republican/Russian asset. Those folks weren't stupid, I would have thought, actually more intellectual elite. But they happily shared and spread stuff like Killary's death list, the cannibal dinner, Pizzagate etc.

It is unsurprising that the Russians didn't spend much Rubel for Fakebook ads. They are not that stupid, I believe. The ads could either be a distraction ("see, we didn't do much"). Or they were analytical trial balloons to check out the target group.

Anything new about Cambridge Analytica?
Anything new about that Trump Tower server communicating with Alfa bank in Russia?

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:04:59 PM »
Buddy, no! I'm one of those push/pull left/right confusers. Sometimes even +/-. Still, I got a math degree. I'm not such a genius, but I know a serious genius with the same problem...

Here is the "stable genius":

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 07, 2018, 07:59:00 PM »
First I felt a bit bad for going off-topic. But it isn't. This Blumenthal and Dore "crooked Hillary" stuff I've seen now often enough. It reeks of psycholgical projection - from the right wing. It reeks of the lies and apeshit thrown at Hillary since decades from the right wing.

A significant proportion of the left are actually (unwitting?) assets of the Kochtopus/Mercer complex. Spreading their shit over Hillary, they help reinforce Trump's "crooked Hillary" meme....

...and help rationalizing/excusing the Trump presidency.

P.S.: Above I forgot to exhibit that Clinton foundation Email. Here it is. Required reading.

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: January 07, 2018, 06:04:33 AM »
Could you please leave out the lesser-evil-trolling?
Maybe he watched your "Realnews" video till the end. Alas I did. I failed to stop it after a Jimmy Dore deja vu at the beginning... The end is classical "Clinton Money" (a Mercer financed, Breitbart produced smear book) stuff, well, not that crazy, but still half truths. I only checked the Qatar nothingburger:

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: December 23, 2017, 04:03:25 AM »
Or perhaps summarizes a new paradigm after Watergate etc. etc. incl. EPA.

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: December 23, 2017, 03:34:48 AM »
This FRMS (Friday Rachel Maddow Show) is historic.

Arctic sea ice / Re: Arctic Image of the Day
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:33:08 AM »
It is presented by some to alarm.

Since this is an images thread I herewith challenge you (reader) to present one interesting image of a nontrivial planetary biogeophysical phenomenon (preferably arctic) that can be argued to have no causal connection to the present carbon pulse. 8)

Antarctica / Re: Rift in Larsen C
« on: December 21, 2017, 08:54:42 PM »
What a strange website go find an animation of what is happening to 68a

The huge and growing number of people in all walks of life who are aware here in the US are animated by a strong need to overcome the rot at the top. Meanwhile,Business Insider and other outlets are looking for material of interest. [...]
I hope this isn't just an "east coast elite" impression, but extends to "flyover America"...

Walking the walk / Re: Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative
« on: December 21, 2017, 03:09:16 PM »
the whole concept of 'invasive species' needs to be looked at afresh. What had been growing successfully in past milenia may no longer be the right mix for a particular location.
Yeah, methinks also.
Also, if the ground needs them, they should be welcome and grow.

Still I would be careful. This is not about moving a whole bunch of plants, but about introducing just a few plants, perhaps without checks and balances. Then one might need to move the old inhabitans, when crowded out by the invasives, to a new place.

This is very sensitive ground: Bordering to a natural reserve, and with small fields farmed under difficult conditions since centuries. (Utterly amazing how far back the farmers made it. The place is only accessible with 4x4.)

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:59:23 PM »
OMFG... U.S.A. now looking like late communist Romania under the leadership of Nicolae Ceausescu, Titan of the Carpathians.

So I thought yesterdays event in the WH rose garden was gross, all the stooges slathering The Donald with adulation.

And now the creepy Pence showing his grandmastery of asskissing, after hearing the Lord's Prayer.

Some material for the Pence, McConnell et al.:
The media used the expression "golden era of Ceaușescu" and a plethora of fomulaic appellations such as "guarantor of the nation's progress and independence" and "visionary architect of the nation's future". Dan Ionescu, a writer for Radio Free Europe compiled a list of epithets for Ceaușescu that were used by Romanian writers. They included "architect", "celestial body" (Mihai Beniuc), "demiurge", "secular god" (Corneliu Vadim Tudor), "fir tree", "Prince Charming" (Ion Manole), "genius", "saint" (Eugen Barbu), "miracle", "morning star" (Vasile Andronache), "navigator" (Victor Nistea), "saviour" (Niculae Stoian), "sun" (Alexandru Andriţoiu), "titan" (Ion Potopin) and "visionary" (Viorel Cozma). He was most commonly described as the Conducător, or "the leader."

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:36:38 PM »
OMFG, Terry, brilliant satire!

Consequences / Re: California weather extremes and climate
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:25:48 PM »
Future loss of Arctic sea-ice cover could drive a substantial decrease in California’s rainfall
From 2012 to 2016, California experienced one of the worst droughts since the start of observational records. As in previous dry periods, precipitation-inducing winter storms were steered away from California by a persistent atmospheric ridging system in the North Pacific. Here we identify a new link between Arctic sea-ice loss and the North Pacific geopotential ridge development. In a two-step teleconnection, sea-ice changes lead to reorganization of tropical convection that in turn triggers an anticyclonic response over the North Pacific, resulting in significant drying over California. These findings suggest that the ability of climate models to accurately estimate future precipitation changes over California is also linked to the fidelity with which future sea-ice changes are simulated. We conclude that sea-ice loss of the magnitude expected in the next decades could substantially impact California’s precipitation, thus highlighting another mechanism by which human-caused climate change could exacerbate future California droughts.

Interview with lead author here:

(Fig. 4 loc. cit.)

Walking the walk / Re: Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:11:31 AM »
From the latest Ecosystem Restoration Camps newsletter:

Since our fundraiser campaign has begun we have been humbled by the generosity of so many supporters. We are getting close to €20.000 to fund our first camp in Spain! And, we will begin counting down soon ... we now have 9 days left to get closer to our goal.

In the last days you may have seen the inspiring
 #whatspossible campaign, in which we are showing the world what is possible in ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture. For example, day #1 looked at the Loess Plateau in China. The first picture above is in 1995, when the land was barren and unable to produce food. The second picture is in 2009, once the land had been restored.

There clearly is hope in restoration! Restoring the water cycle, drawing down carbon, ensuring food security, giving homes back to plants, insects, birds, and mammals. Can you help us start up our first camp and show the world it can be done?
(my emph.)

Me again:
Of course, sandy Loess is much easier to work than the hard stony soil I found in the Pyrenees. It was quite some pickaxing to get the holes for the trees. Haven't counted them. We 7 planted perhaps 50 trees, extending a slow growing forest garden, mostly fruit and walnut in a very relaxed 2 weeks. But the trees alone won't do. The ground needs regular attendance and some deep rooting legumes etc. to build up better soil around the trees. That is yet missing. Maybe I return for a week next spring, on my way to Andalusia...

My idea would be: Get rid of the woody shrubs (incl. ulex/gorse/furze/whin, a legume) so the ground can be easily scythed for mulch (very dry and hot in summer). Seed alfalfa, dyer's woad, comfrey. (There is a spot of clay to make seed balls.) Add some mugwort to shade the trees.

But I fear invasiveness of those plants. Any expert comment?

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:28:47 AM »
In a free market, panels will be installed if the invested money produces enough ROI. We are there already in sunny states (even if it includes grid storage) so if we let the free market rule, we can create jobs, stimulate the economy and investors make money.

How come you believe that we will be "suffering a major hit to the economy" ?
Or, if a nation isn't held hostage by simplistic market ideology, then a market failure (e.g. global warming) can be remedied by subsidies, taxes and regulations. That's one important job of "big government" :) Thus, Bavaria/Germany has a huge amount of solar, while being quite a bit north of California: Insolation comparable to Alaska...
Dunno what the latest state of the race is. Has CA caught up?

The German economy is doing well and has less boom-bust cycles than U.S.A. We even have universal healthcare and (almost) free university education.

Recently I talked to a German guy who drives a Tesla. He isn't super rich, but very busy, having to drive a lot (like an avg American :) ). He did the math and decided the Tesla amortizes quickly. But of course (see above) we have a significant gas tax.

Walking the walk / Re: Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:01:44 AM »
That was December at 1300m elevation. Quite frosty at night, 2cm ice in the bowl. Still, lavender growing everywhere on the mountains, quite an unusual sight for one who is used to the Bavarian Alps. A facebook friend who was near said the area looks like Utah with castles...

Oh, and vultures! Not far from where the photo was taken several dozen congregated from all directions. When we got there 5 minutes later, they were already finished and ascended back to the sky, just meters over our heads, like a swarm of sparrows flying away. Haven't dared look at the remains of the deer down in the hollow.
( )

Here is a view from afar and the other direction, from a road hidden in the clouds.

Walking the walk / Re: Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative
« on: December 21, 2017, 01:12:13 AM »
The camp in Andalusia is still being built by a very small crew. Not yet open for short time or low skilled attendants. They want to be perfect and take no risk.

So, meanwhile I was in the Catalan Pyrenees, planting trees in a place that also needs soil regeneration. In the photo I (to the right) demonstrate quick and simple in-situ biochar production before planting the tree.

The rest / Re: The Trump Presidency (was "Presidential Poll")
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:40:59 AM »
Bruce, I really don't see your point.
Are you trying to tell us that we are all doomed ?
Or that electrifying transportation and greening our electricity is not enough ?
Indeed it is not enough. We also need an agricultural revolution: Regenerative small-scale agriculture embedded in Nature's Matrix.
That requires also a cultural (r)evolution.
A billion Bruces we need.

The rest / Re: The problem of Corporate Democrats and how to kick them out
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:00:30 PM »
As Jimmy Dore's sidekick, Ron Placone, says, referring to Sanders' success in forcing a revote for the horror tax bill:

To all those centrists and establishment Democrats out there, go ahead and bask in the irony that Bernie Sanders, the guy you love to hate, just showed you what a real resistance looks like.
(My emph.)
A paradigmatic case of psychological projection from the Hillary haters... LOL :)

(P.S.: Yes, Jimmy Dore's and friends' Clinton/Rodham phobia is pathological. (Or maybe they are agents of the Kochtopus or Putin...))

The rest / Re: The problem of Corporate Democrats and how to kick them out
« on: December 20, 2017, 03:52:22 PM »
This bears repeating:

Even Cenk Uygur is sick and tired about the double standards and Democrats throwing themselves under the bus.

There's also a nuance with "corporate": Corporate Dems "represent" a spectrum, while the GOP is meanwhile bought fully by a small fringe nutjob billionaire network.

"Corporate Democrats" are no longer a problem. With the tax bill the GOP completes a slow political suicide. They seem to hope for wingnut welfare from the Kochtopus and the Mercers after they get thrown out next year...

Usually I find the Palmer Report a tad too hyperbolic, but this one sums it up perfectly:
After a handful of conservative billionaires spent a generation gradually buying off every last Republican in Congress, a traitor named Donald Trump conspired with a foreign enemy to rig the election, which left the Republicans temporarily in charge of the White House, the Senate, and the House. In so doing, Trump destroyed the GOP’s reputation, ensuring it won’t hold another majority for a generation. And so the donors decided to force the party to commit mass suicide today in the name of one last cold hard cash grab.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:01:48 PM »
Seth Abramson tweeted:

“(THREAD) It turns out 24 paragraphs detailing 24 discrete Trump-Russia ties isn't enough to encompass how entwined Trump is with Russia, so in this thread—Part 2 in the series—I offer 23 more connections. A link to Part 1 is in the first tweet, below.

Hope you'll read and share.”

(THREAD) From Russian payments to Trump advisors to failing to register as foreign agents working for Putin allies—from perjury to illegal solicitation of campaign donations from the Kremlin—here's a non-exhaustive summary of known Trump-Russia ties. ...

These 47 Trump-Russia ties by Seth Abramson are truly shocking.
I really don't understand that there are still people around who don't think there was any collusion between Trump (campaign) and Russia.
It's right there. In your face.

Another summary:
Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump
Explore our updated, comprehensive Trump-Russia Timeline — or select one of the central players in the Trump-Russia saga to see what we know about them.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: December 03, 2017, 11:15:42 PM »
MSNBC and CNN are cable and require a cable subscription. [...]

*Note: I'm all for women getting a voice, but it is being used to distract and Republicans are very good at treating relatively small misdeeds as important while ignoring the beam in their own eye.
At home (Germany) I get MSNBC for free (via India?).
... Oh! looks like it also works at the present parking place at the Autobahn near Grenoble (but I might pay dearly for the data traffic). --- Now onward to some tree planting in the Pyrenees south of Andorra... :-)

*Yes: And Trump is sort of an antichrist in the art of beam&splinter, the master manipulator of the both-siders...hmmm...  Also: Is he a genius manipulator of the paranoid (from 9/11 (Trump was the first of 9/11 wackos) to birtherism (he's even warming that up again)) -- or is he just himself, clinically insane...? --- What a phenomenon!

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: December 03, 2017, 10:58:40 PM »
How is that campaign going to look like ? A mud fight probably in the best case scenario.
Can't get muddier than last year. AND NO, this is certainly not a f-ing matter of f-ing "both sides"... (Like, heck :) e.g. Russiagate vs. Pizzagate. BTW, did you know Hillary has a cannibal friend - whatshername...)

The rest / Re: The problem of Corporate Democrats and how to kick them out
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:34:29 PM »
Just in case the consequences, not only for the USA but the rest of the world, of getting in bed with corporate interests isn't clear enuf, this is one of the people whom corporates wind up appointing. The following memo was penned by one of the luminaries of corporate economic thought, at least luminiscent enuf to be appointed to very senior position in two corporate administrations.
The Summers memo was a 1991 memo on trade liberalization that was written by Lant Pritchett and signed by Lawrence Summers who was then Chief Economist of the World Bank. It included a section that both Summers and Pritchett say was sarcastic that suggested dumping toxic waste in third-world countries for perceived economic benefits.
(my emph.)
Lawrence Henry Summers (born November 30, 1954) is an American economist, former Vice President of Development Economics and Chief Economist of the World Bank (1991–93), senior U.S. Treasury Department official throughout President Clinton's administration (ultimately Treasury Secretary, 1999–2001), and former director of the National Economic Council for President Obama (2009–2010). He is a former president of Harvard University (2001–2006), where he is currently (as of March, 2017) a professor and director of the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

... and even this a**hole finds the current GOP tax plans "madness", "nonsense", "ludicrous", "absurd"... in several interviews, e.g.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:32:40 PM »
Jim, in my P.S. I was also disrespectful and over the top and provoked Alexander's reply. Apologies. Actually, rural East Germany is also full of Nazis, to the extent that it is no longer an option for living there. Thus my allergic reaction. (But note, he confirms my rant a bit: Classical Orban exploit of xenophobia - which started before the big refugee stream came to Europe.)


Back to topic: Who employs the Russian trolls? Here is a new hint it is not Cambridge Analytica. They also propagate alt-right stuff in German:
Twitter Has Suspended Another 45 Suspected Propaganda Accounts After They Were Flagged By BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News has uncovered a new network of suspected Twitter propaganda accounts – sharing messages about Brexit, Donald Trump, and Angela Merkel – that have close connections to the Russian-linked bot accounts identified by the social media platform in its evidence to the US Congress.

The 45 suspect accounts were uncovered through basic analysis of those that interacted or retweeted accounts cited by Twitter to Congress, yet none of them appeared on the company's list.

The relative ease of discovery raises serious questions as to just how many Russian-linked bots may still be active on Twitter, [...]


The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:01:42 PM »
...and now for some more whataboutism

As I understand it the US has budgeted some $700 M to interfere with Hungarian elections.
Wrong. Try to get some understanding from Breitbart-free sources. E.g.
Hungary accuses US of meddling by funding ‘objective’ media
By Pablo Gorondi | AP November 15

The U.S. State Department last week called for grant applications from media outlets in Hungary based outside Budapest. One goal of the $700,000 program is to “improve the quality of local traditional and online media and increase the public’s access to reliable and unbiased information.”
The [alt-right Hungarian] government has helped allies finance the acquisition of media outlets by placing copious state advertising in those publications and hardly any in independent or opposition outlets.

The closure of the leftist daily newspaper Nepszabadsag in Oct. 2016 was a watershed moment in Hungary’s media landscape, which has changed significantly over the past year.

Practically all major newspapers published outside Budapest are now in the hands of pro-government publishers, some of whom also own television or radio stations.

Homework: What is the difference to undercover manipulation of elections? How much of an effect do you expect these $700,000 will make?

Hungaria is drifting to a fascistoid system. It has the highest concentration of Nazis, serious Nazis, in all of Europe - with a little help by Putin and friends. Even Hungarian Hippies can be racist assholes. So, I'm very happy with this development aid by the U.S.A. - but it could be more. (And surely Tillerson will cancel it...) No wonder the Breitbart-o-sphere makes such a fuss out of this midge.

P.S.: I know a few Hungarians here in Germany, who came for work, and are no Nazis, just a little alt-right manipulated, like Terry. They were very nice buddies. Still, I would happily give this crap nation to Putin, Hungarexit, with a Trumpian wall at the border to European civilization. They need more suffering and violence. And a little Tshernobyl at the Danube river. And then they will turn on Putin and beg for a return to the EU feedlot... Just dreaming.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 26, 2017, 06:37:42 PM »
So you guys think that these voters are so mentaly weak.
Obviously they are. While it is human nature to some extent to follow feeling instead of truth, many U.S. voters can only be classified as clinically insane. How else could they vote for a pathological liar like Trump. And when he is done robbing them and giving to the ultrarich, continuing the destruction of the "American dream" - then they will get even more mad and vote for another Trump.
Right-wing propaganda — Russia-funded or not — is effective because people want so badly to believe in it

Here I think is a major error on the left: Appealing to truth/facts while forgetting to appeal to feeling/morality. Bernie Sanders seems an excellent exception: He knows how to play the emotions of the mentally weak.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 26, 2017, 02:29:01 PM »
Interesting! Especially her claim in the last sentence that it was Russia that ordered services from Cambridge Analytica (my italics).
My hypothesis is that it was the other way around, that CA/Mercer/Bannon  initiated these scheme to cooperate with the troll factory in Russia, and that it was the alt-right in the US+UK that was running these schemes. They were using internet resources, programmers and posters in Russia for reasons such as low cost of labour, skilled IT people,
Yes, that's what I would also like to think. (Once I've worked for a company in Germany who bought crucial Russian IT developers. The dev dept in Samara had more engineers than in Germany.)

But I have difficulties applying Occam's razor here. There are too many other hints, things don't just look like simple IT business with Russians. We have to wait for Mueller presenting his cases. And then, hopefully the European spies publish some of their evidence, too.

The question remains, where is the evidence to support this claim by Louise Mensch ?
Somehow she has more connections to the spies than anybody else. She is often months ahead the main stream media. But also sometimes wrong. But not too wrong to just dismiss her as a conspiracy theory peddler.
Supposedly, she is just spreading anti-Russian propaganda

I don't seriously follow the Twitter mud slinging fest around Louise, her friends and her foes. Some of this spills over, as into this Vox article...

The rest / Re: Free Access to Journal Articles
« on: November 26, 2017, 01:37:17 AM »
Yes, wonders of the internets. Now you can do research almost everywhere on the planet. Changed my life: Now I'm writing a math book... Wouldn't have thought to one day revisit/reanimate the stuff I left behind late last century in the grey disinspiring walls of my university...

Yet sometimes I still come across an article in some journal you can access only from inside a few university networks. Or, very old stuff which isn't even digitized.

The rest / Re: Free Access to Journal Articles
« on: November 25, 2017, 10:50:07 PM »
Another site, dunno relation, advertises only 52 million articles:
For scientific books:
Aggregator of sci-hub(s), booksc and possibly more:

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:55:23 PM »
Regarding the other side of the Atlantic, Louise Mensch has a new post. Often enough she is months ahead and proven right.
Exclusive: Brexit Referendum ‘May Need to Be Redone’

Multiple sources with links to UK intelligence report that Russian corruption of the Brexit vote is far worse than previously thought. The referendum on remaining part of the EU received so much illegal foreign money and influence from Russia, these sources say, that UK intelligence is minded to recommend to Theresa May’s government that the Brexit vote be redone, as it is not thought that the vote was ‘free and fair’. This term is often used in Great Britain to describe a legitimate election process.


[...] Sources speculated, without certainty, that any re-do of a corrupted Brexit vote might be announced after the arrest of Nigel Farage, which, separate sources assert, is a certainty.

[...] Analysis was not merely based on logging the amount of money and the number of social media profiles affected, they said, but on SIGINT, or signals intelligence – that is, recordings and other legal interceptions of politicians, Russian agents and assets, and of tracking laundered money, including by tracking the use of bitcoin, that flowed from Vladimir Putin into the Brexit referendum.

GCHQ, as we have previously reported, recorded Steve Mnuchin, Donald Trump and others at Trump Turnberry on June 24th, 2016, the day after Brexit. All attending that event and the weekend with Mr. Trump that followed it were under constant surveillance, sources said. At that weekend, the deal outlined at Trump Tower on June 9th, 2016, was finalized – Trump would alter policy in America, on both sanctions and Ukraine, in exchange for Russia’s help in hacking the election. Brexit and Cambridge Analytica were crucial to ‘proving’ to Trump that Putin and his assets could hand an election victory, against the odds, to the GOP’s candidate. Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer were crucial links in Putin’s twin assaults on the UK and US electoral systems; they were heavily involved with UKIP, Cambridge Analytica, Brexit and then the Trump campaign.
(my emph.)

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 24, 2017, 02:05:26 PM »
his administration's ability to carry out it's hateful, stupid, divisive, destructive, profoundly ignorant agenda.
Their agenda. The agenda of the Koch network (incl. Mercer) very clearly.

Why do you see the speck (corporate Democrats) that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log (Kochtopus party) that is in your own eye? (Matthew 7:3)

Back to topic:
Malcolm Nance gives his synopsis of what happened last year in an excellent 35min talk:

Policy and solutions / Re: UN Climate Agreement - Paris 2015 and beyond
« on: November 18, 2017, 08:26:36 PM »
Title: "COP23: Is Germany losing its role model status on climate?"
Here's why that "role model" is depressingly ridiculous.
Guess where Europe's largest open pit coal mine is located. Not far from COP23. Guess what's dug up there. Brown "coal" (actually something more like peat than black coal) is the most ridiculously dirty and unefficient form of coal, short of burning shit. Guess what they sacrifice for that. The Hambach Forest, a 12000y old growth forest. Only 10% remains.

German brown coal mining has actually increased from 167.7 megatons in 2000 to 178.1 in 2015, by far the largest amount of any nation. Only China (140Mt 2015) is also above 100.

The amazing Amy Goodman of reports from COP23, plus, the mud in Hambach Forest. E.g.:

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:57:16 PM »
I said, that they seem to be working together. You can think of it as a joint project.
Right. Thus the accusations of treason. There's the scandal, the -gate in Russiagate.

does that mean that Prigozhin has influence over the Kremlin's foreign policy?
it's a pretty long shot to say that Prigozhin is part of forming Russian foreign policy.
He is a "general" in Putin's disinfo-psycho war.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:49:00 PM »
BTW, the U.S. also has its troll factories, called "think tanks". Unlike the Russian trolls, they are operating in the open and are even better financed and equipped by the U.S. oligarchy.

They are working so glaringly open that they are not seen for what they are. They are not hiding behind social media fake personae. Some of their slimy trolls even worked for Republican administrations, testified in Congress, discussed in newspapers, ... E.g. Myron Ebell.

Many of us have fought their climate bullshit for many years. These troll factories have innocent names like "Heritage Foundation", "Competitive Enterprise Institute", "Americans for Prosperity", etc. etc.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:26:37 PM »
Senators: Kushner 'withheld WikiLeaks and Russia emails'

Just an innocent oversight?
It strongly indicates consciousness of guilt.

(If the Trump team interactions with Russia were so innocent, why is everybody constantly lying and denying? E.g. why is even the Attorney General risking being accused of perjury?)

Here's something about the Russian troll factory "attacking" in Finland:
They are clearly part of a disinformation war, which is as intensive as during the Cold War.

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 17, 2017, 02:28:58 AM »
BTW....the house passed a bill today that makes the wealth gap LARGER.

Now, why would that be? Hint: the same thing that has caused Russiagate.
Was it Citizens United and the dark money of the Kochtopus? Tea Party voters fed up with Tea Party financiers? Whatabout-Hillary philosophers?
Donald J. Trump

I wish good luck to all of the Republican candidates that traveled to California to beg for money etc. from the Koch Brothers. Puppets?

3:00 PM - Aug 2, 2015

So, then, where would Trump beg for help? Maybe a bit too much of a 40,000 feet view....

Methinks the cause of Russiagate is Trump and his links/dependency to Russian mafia. (Putin prudently seized the opportunity to help humiliate Hillary, his archenemy.)
 And the cause of Trump is a centuries long story:
Donald Trump is the logical outcome of America's fascination with irrationality
The pilgrims were our founding Puritan forebears. [...]
Fast forward several hundred years later, when the establishment stopped imposing a sense of order, rigor and fact checking on all of these factions, and it got out of control.
[Q:] How is President Donald Trump the embodiment of Fantasyland?

In almost every way. I started writing this book before he was running for president and turned in the draft before he had the nomination. So he just appeared as a kind of miraculous embodiment of everything I've been writing about.

He promiscuously throws around conspiracies — whatever comes across his mindscape.

It's this absolute seeming indifference to the truth. And whether he is lying or not is sort of not the most salient question. It's that he believes anything that is convenient at that second for him to believe and say.

People like the Koch brothers aren't fantasists at all. They are among the most reality-based people. [...]

They are cynics who understood how to exploit this easy belief in the untrue to their own ends. That's sort of adjacent to the worry about whether or not we have an operating democracy.
(About Kurt Andersen's new book, Fantasyland )

The rest / Re: Russiagate
« on: November 16, 2017, 08:51:41 PM »
The number of 80,000 posts is .000043 of all posts:

"Facebook’s general counsel, Colin Stretch, said in the written testimony that the 80,000 posts from Russia’s Internet Research Agency were a tiny fraction of content on Facebook, equal to one out of 23,000 posts.

Fraction of what content? Including cat videos? Or only political content?

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