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Arctic sea ice / Cause and Effect
« on: August 20, 2016, 07:52:04 AM »
I have been a member of this forum since its inception. In the beginning, it was an intellectual, scientific discussion of ideas about the nature, the present condition of the Arctic sea ice. Users would analyze data, in all its forms, then present ideas based on what they were seeing. We would look for the "cause and effect" of what was happening. We would use past data to help to determine what the future might bring for the condition of the sea ice. It was just as useful when things didn't turn out the way we expected but we kept looking for that "cause and effect". Theories were presented not so much to be proven right or wrong but to add to our understanding why.
     We, I, expected ideas to be molded and adapted by the input of others on the subject. I never considered the discussion to be a case of being "right or wrong," just is it happening the way we anticipated it would or didn't. But whatever was occurring, we wanted to understand the nature of the "cause and effect" concerning the events unfolding. There is no need for "I told you so" as this is the not the nature of this forum. Some use the data to project what the future condition of the sea ice might bring but it is not intended, as I see it, to be a prophecy of the exact nature of what is to come, even if we have a pretty good idea already what the end result is going to be for the future arctic.
  Users posted only when they had something meaningful to add to the discussion. I rarely do , I am more of a student here, observing, learning from others way more knowledgeable than me on the topic. I wish there was an ignore button so I could block out users that just add noise to what I am trying read and understand. There are only a handful of users I follow and most are from the early days. I could say more but I won't, there is enough noise already.. Neven feel free to lock this thread.   

The rest / Strange Alert message from US Government
« on: May 30, 2015, 04:52:55 AM »
220-Hello unknown@c-**,



220-           This U.S. Government resource is for authorized use only.


220-           If not authorized to access this resource, disconnect now.

220-        Unauthorized use of, or access to this resource may subject you to

220-                 disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.


220-          By accessing and using this resource, you are consenting to

220-                 monitoring, keystroke recording or auditing.

I get this message while I clicked on the regional graphs at Arctic Sea Ice Graphs ..

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