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Walking the walk / Zero-Carbon Farming and Living via the Acorn Path
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:42:19 PM »
This thread is really for Bruce who is going to try to prove that zero-carbon farming and eating is possible for January. I'll let him expand on this. What he is proposing is an order of magnitude more difficult and more important, than my meagre efforts, given the enormous carbon footprint of farming today.

I am going to try to live off foraged foods, with >50% from acorns, in January. In addition I won't drive the car, purchase anything etc so trying for essentially zero carbon emissions on the personal level for 1 month.

I pick the acorns by hand, crack with a hammer, soak, use a hand-blender, change water daily to get rid of tannins (very important), then cook. Cooking will be on top of a small wood burning stove (wood from my own trees) and occasionally on an electric oven if solar system can harvest enough power. I have some things in the garden as a fallback - we are in drought so the winter wild greens are hard to find. I'll use spices which I already have. I will learn a huge amount. At the moment foraged food is only about 5 % of my diet.

How great would it be to lend support to these tests/endeavors if for each day a member of this fantastic forum was also going to eat 1 meal or even part of 1 meal from foraged food (Acorns in particular). What do you think? Just 31 members needed...

The rest / Preparations for Potential Societal Collapse
« on: November 27, 2016, 07:24:27 PM »
There are specific survival forums on the net, but given the amount of comments alluding to potential societal collapse on this fantastic forum, I think this thread may have some benefit. To prepare for potential societal collapse I have the following recommendations:
- you need water, food, security from other humans, knowledge
- buy a piece of land, at least 1 acre, at least a few km from nearest village. No cities, major towns or major roadways nearby. Land should be hidden from roadways. Ideally in a place where population has been reducing for decades.
- plant the entire border with evergreen trees. Plant perennial bushes, shrubs and trees with as much diversity as possible.
- put a caravan or container on the land.
- Do not apply to build a house. It attracts unwanted attention from others, consumes your attention, time, energy, money from much greater priorities like growing a perennial food forest, acquiring knowledge. Causes the very thing you are running from. You can't eat your house. If your loved ones will only come if there is a house then, my strongest advice, if you want to prepare, is no house.
- you need your own source of water
- improve your soil - you are going to be depending on it. To improve your soil fall in love with nature - no pesticides, no ploughing, all weeds, ants, bugs etc are your friends not your enemies. They are helping improve your soil and when their job is done they will not bother you anymore. Even if they eat all your cabbages forget about it - you can still buy food.
- find what food is locally forageable
- small off-grid energy system. How much energy can you safely use after collapse without attracting attention? It will eventually break beyond repair and you will have to adapt, so the smaller the adaptation required the better.
- eliminate your dependence on society for water, food, energy, knowledge as quickly and as much as possible. If you can be fully independent before collapse then you have a better chance.
- what is good for you is good for the planet - notice that all the above reduces your carbon footprint.
- when you become fully independent, duplicate it for a second piece of land. Think of all the stored carbon in the trees and soil. Another bonus for the planet.
- if you can't afford it then you are looking for land in the wrong place.
- the hardest part is only tell those you are willing to have turn up on your doorstep and be able to feed. But they may bring friends, so, my best advice is tell only those who are moving with you and doing this with you.
- move sooner rather than later. Self sufficiency takes much longer than you would expect.

Walking the walk / 2016 sustainability goals
« on: October 01, 2015, 02:53:50 PM »
I worry that COP21 are too far into the future. To get momentum we need some goals for next year. Bruce wrote : "I have new solar panels powering my pumps this year but in the interests of conserving water I am planning on reducing water ( metered use) by 33% from two years ago." . Thank you Bruce - you got me thinking and so:
So for 2016 I'll use 10% less water, use an electric motorbike charged by solar instead of my inefficient petrol one, run 50% of washing machine cycles on solar, 50% of my cooking on solar rather than gas.

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