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The rest / microwaves salt
« on: November 07, 2017, 04:36:13 PM »
I had a rude awakening once in court.  It turns out that a few drops of human blood had gotten onto the special cloth mesh on the microwave intruder structures on a nuclear missile silo complex in the Grand Forks missile silo field at the site near Larimore, ND. It was our 10th celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday in the Grand Forks Air Force Base  and missile field. 

They were going to have to replace some of them, cost of thousands of dollars because the salt in the blood had ruined them.  I had North Dakota sabotage charges  added onto the trespass charge.  So we have to know that microwaves and salt have been in the literature for a few years 

In the end, all charges were dropped. The first judge "Smiling" Frank Cassanda had severe Alzheimers and he was slightly delusional at arraignment and started talking about settling it with a fist fight after he told a co--defendant  three times she brought her child along 2 years before for our annual Martin Luther King day actions - wrong woman, we were getting help from the Univ of North Dakota law department about why weren't these charges federal, and 4 other counties districts attorneys were stating that they would not prosecute, let the feds do it. Judge Frank's petulant Alzheimers outburst ensured we would get a rational judge, case closed. And I went back to sheltering homeless war veterans.

Nearly 30 years later and veterans still die in the streets and U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico receive a substandard disaster response while those nuclear Auschwitz ovens on a  rocket receive lavish '"digs" and the Obama administration embarked on the most expensive retrofit of  weaponry outlawed by Kellog-Briand treaty in 5 decades.

peace out.   


The rest / Slashdot effect
« on: November 23, 2016, 12:00:22 AM »
Meteorologist/journalist Eric Holthaus gives a shout-out to the Forum as "a fairly obscure message board of sea ice enthusiasts"

from The 2016/2017 freezing season  message Reply 946 message 94661   Sigmetnot

Well, we will see if we get a spike of new members with the increase in publicity. I remember when I started at Distributed Proofreaders via the post at /.  (Slashdot).    What a zoo for a few weeks with a boatload of new members at DP. Note- I like the utf8 formatting and life plus 50 copyright rules at Distributed Proofreaders Canada and Faded Page more these days, but I do reside in Canada.  And Rachel Carson has books there.  Along with more than a few books about Arctic exploration, old but good. 

It would be nice to get a few more excellent posters with strong signal to noise postings.  However it is also nice to not  be overwhelmed.    Neither of these will probably happen. 

For myself, I find  that adding a person to my ignore list about every two to three months works wonders for keeping calm here.  I am up to 4. 

To all those who post scientific papers, AGU or other quality videos - I deeply appreciate it.  I was spending lots of time sitting in hospitals and getting paid to be with friends who are mentally challenged.  Printing out a paper or two to take with on the bus ride in and time they were asleep was a counterpoint I enjoyed.  Peace out.

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