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Arctic sea ice / Near Real Time Sea Ice Volume
« on: December 18, 2019, 06:01:09 PM »

I build up an Near Real Time Sea Ice Volume (NRT SIV) product based on merged data from SMOS and Cyrosat2. To make it very simple, i decide to use mean sea ice thickness(SIT) and extent(SIE) data from NSIDC, beside this, it would also be possible by grid by grid methode, but since in winter, sea ice concentration (SIC) has not much variance over the domain, its seem unlikely that much differences would occur.

First things first, some Explantion:

SIV:  Daily
SIT:  5 five-day trailing average
SIE:  5 five-day trailing average

Its because of the merged SIT is just in a 5 five-day trailing average format accessible, therefor its also used for SIE and the final product SIV. What does this mean?

SIV(5 Nov): SIT(mean(1-5Nov))*SIE(mean(1-5Nov))

Some Plots:

SIV 2011-2018

NRT SIV vs. Cyrosat2 and PIOMAS (Okt to May)

Open Points for Future:
- Uncertainy-Bads from merged SMOS-Cyrosat2
- Testing other SIE like Uni-Bremen
- Melt-Saison-Model

Data-Source: ->analysis_sea_ice_thickness CS2SMOS merged sea_ice_thicknes -> ea_Ice_Index_Daily_Extent_G02135_v3.0.xlsx -> 5 five-day trailing average

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