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Last week I found an article in my newspaper about a new crowdfunding project regarding datas for Smart grid models. Aim is to collect photos of electrical devices (windmills, pv, transmission towers, transformers) via an Application called "Open Grid Map" (available at playstore). All datas are collected with photos and GPS datas-worldwide. To create a solution for renewable energy.

Here in Germany -although we have the "Energiewende" in action it is still a problem to get all to work with. The owners of the electricity grid DO have the datas. But they will not give them to the university obviously. (maybe also a matter of data protection?!)-of course it is a game about money and power.  >:(

One other amazing thing I recently found was a developement of a engine that could work flexible with all kind of fuel-turning a linear movement directly into electricity.

Yes, it IS depressing, seeing all the mess to come - but I still DO have hope that there could be a solution. Human beings could be still more innovative and faster if they could loose their fixation on money.  Who could eat all the piles of money? Wouldn´t it be better to spent it at the right places? If there will be the first real threat (not only hard rain or strong wind) all that money will be worthless-if there will be panic and the realization of the entire truth.

I recently got a electric vehicle and watched some videos how disruption of energy sector could be done that way-very soon.

And I hope, it could work-for my children!

Would be nice, if some of you could rise from watching depressing news about the arctic into action.  The next step of mine will be to build a nice pv-plant, producing the energy we need and plan about some adaptive things. Cooling our building with our heat pump, building a cellar for crops. Only to mention some.

I´m really so sad (and frightened) about the tragedy of all that world theatre... :'(

But it is still NOT over, the game of life.

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