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I wrote this at length elsewhere but will shorten it for times sake.

What is needed above all else to have any hope of reversing trends or salvation, is collective focus.

How do we achieve that? Newsmedia needs to come together and stop pissing around with inconsequential stories (relative to imminent collapse, which will render everything else moot).

Newsmedia needs to align our focus enough that we can start making big changes together right now.

So how do we achieve that? We can't tackle the beast head-on. So what about an email campaign to individual reporters, as many as we can reach in as many languages as possible. Not the same old "Here are the facts", but "Here is a moral decision for you to make as a reporter, based on the facts you are now astutely aware and conscious of, and your personal (albeit small) influence on the situation at large". Every report you as an individual reporter do on beyonce's hair or anything else unrelated to the climate situation and solutions, is pushing the tip of the knife closer. Eventually it will pierce the skin, and you the reporter could have helped prevent it, or helped at least try.

The email would have to destroy cognitive dissonance in as many as possible. It would be relatively short, to the point. Perfectly concise. Immediately engaging without letting go, irrefutable beyond irrationality, and absolutely psychologically devastating for the individual reading it with only one conclusion for any moral, good person. Do the right thing, right now, with the influence you have. NOW. Or live with the blood of the natural world on your hands, through your now astutely aware complacency, in your role of minor influence. How many would continue reporting on Beyonce's new haircut with that in the back of their mind forever?

Surely some would wake up. It's a brutal gesture, many will be left with a moral decision nightmare, but as I believe most people are good and rational once they understand things well enough.. That many would start working to promote positive change immediately. They would start talking amongst themselves. This seems an unconventional yet hopeful solution as to problem number one: How do we align the focus of humanity and make this the most pressing issue, to which all others are ignored as much as possible until it is solved? (If solving it is possible)

If we make them feel their guilt in advance of the disasters coming, perhaps they will make changes now and help the rest of humanity understand, rather than plod along in a fog.

Newsmedia cannot distract us if its many parts do not tow the line. What I am suggesting is flat out psychological warfare against the media for the greater good. Not against the individuals, but against the whole entity, which IS psychological warfare against us. Unfortunately, that means weakening and ultimately enlightening the army of individuals (the unaware reporters). The only way to do that is psychological, leading to mass individual consciousness and priority shift which is the only way to transform the whole, such that pressing issues will be reported on non-stop, such that civilizations focus shifts along with understanding.

If we have any desire to work on reversing this, it's time to start thinking outside the box, the status quo is non-productive. I had given up the past few days, but that only ensures and hastens the destruction of this beautiful, complex, living world. This idea may come off as ludicrous, but what else are we bringing to the table? Perhaps if we have any hope of weathering this storm, and get through it together, we will come out respecting the world a lot more and as better beings.

Policy and solutions / Global Agriculture: An immediate call to action?
« on: February 24, 2017, 09:45:25 PM »
Am I not mistaken in believing that, given Aslans recent work on the reversal of temperature inversion and the consequence of jet stream instability, combined with rising water vapour concentrations, that perhaps the most immediate and glaring risk to human civilization in the near term is crop failure?

Shouldn't it be time to direct serious energy towards prevention of crop failure worldwide? I realize famine is on the rise worldwide and that it was time long ago... However recent developments make it appear as if massively disruptive crop failures may lead to partial collapse. Is it fair to say that billions may be gravely affected by the abrupt changes on the horizon, as in within months or years?

Shouldn't there be a global call to action for prevention RIGHT NOW, as this seems to be (and correct me if I'm wrong) the most likely, very near term scenario that will manifest into widespread collapse?

I imagine we need to wait and see the effects of jet stream disruption.. as far as I can tell this is a very, very recent development, the ramifications of which are foggy?

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