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Consequences / Temperature records (data)
« on: February 10, 2020, 01:12:43 PM »
Hello ASIF, I had this idea for a new thread with the specific purpose of keeping track of temperature records (both high and low). I haven't found a similar existing thread, but if one exists, please just remove this one.

With temperature records tumbling around the globe, I think it would be interesting of having a record (even if very incomplete) where and when new records are set. I think it would be best to limit this thread to purely data posts, and leave away big discussions (like the ASI extent data thread). Also whenever possible it would be good to provide information about the temperature that was measured (in °C or °C/°F), when (date) a record was set, where (weather station / town / country) it was set and what kind of record it is (monthly / all-time / ...). Also a source would be helpful.

To start the thread I'd like to go back to the Europe summer 2019 heatwave(s) were several country-wide all-time records were broken (source):
  • France: 46.0C in Vérargues on 28th June 2019
  • Belgium: 41.8C in Begijnendijk on 25th July 2019
  • Germany: 42.6C in Lingen on 25th July 2019
  • Luxembourg: 40.8C in Steinsel on 25th July 2019
  • Netherlands: 40.7C in Gilze en Rijen on 25th July 2019
  • United Kingdom: 38.7C in Cambridge on 25th July 2019

On a more recent note, it has been reported that the all time high for the whole continent of Antarctica has been broken with 18.3C at the Esperanza Base on 6th February 2020.

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