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The rest / forums
« on: August 20, 2020, 03:47:49 PM »
What are other forums you know, especially those similar to asif on their scientific focus?

I saw that many of us didn’t know about certain aspects of the ice which makes it difficult to have a conversation with shared knowledge, I propose that we do fact summaries on those many areas of knowledge on sea ice.

That would be about ice creation and melt processes, atmospheric circulation and weather in the Arctic, ice melt effects, sea ice and oceanic currents, feedback mechanisms...

Edit: thanks to Oren we have a new modus operandi, the top half of a dozen posts are would be articles and you can post any info on any of these topics below, preferably mentioning which one you are talking about, which Oren will edit into the articles. If you see any topic or subject missing you’re more than welcome to highlight it and we’ll incorporate it into the skeleton of one of our articles.
All info should be backed by reputed sources, preferably peer reviewed.
Hope this works and leaves us all a bit wiser than we were.

While most abnormal features can be chalked up to interferences or created by a momentaneous failure of the instrument or data gathering, some last too long to be explained away this easily, it then becomes interesting to try to see what is behind them, whether actual natural features, long-lasting cloud patterns or durable failure of the data. Their study would help on both data gathering accuracy and understanding of the arctic.

Images attached for the exemple described below.

That area, south of the pole towards the gaps between the atlantic islands but very close to the pole at about 86 North , also had meltponding around very white edges in 2019 (july 3-8) creating a weird thin rectangular artifact that seems to reappear in june 22-24 in 2020 [...] also of this year, and corresponds to a deeper basin in the bathymetry too, it is probably all linked but how is above my paygrade.

Arctic background / Aerosol reduction effects
« on: April 27, 2020, 03:34:23 PM »
Obviously a lower concentration leads to higher radiation attaining earth, but the aerosols also have a proven effect of seeding clouds, how much could cloud reduction affect the arctic? It does increase even further radiation to the ground, but lowers the air moisture, which could dampen storms, and increase radiations back to space too, especially early on with a still high albedo.

Arctic sea ice / The caa-greenland mega crack
« on: July 29, 2019, 10:23:23 AM »
It is unprecedented, i think to have such a huge crack at that place, this early. This thread is for data, speculation, and potential causes and consequences of this event.
To my knowledge only the nares restarting to export is blocking a further continuation of the crack at the moment

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