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Greenland and Arctic Circle / Greenland 2020 Melting Season
« on: March 24, 2020, 08:40:12 AM »
Since we clarified that the SMB thread should be for SMB data/discussion only, I am making a general-purpose melting season thread for Greenland like from last year.

I'd like to start by asking wtf is going on in the Freya Glacier webcam? Am my eyes deceiving me or was there a lot of snow melting yesterday despite being March and -20C?

Some resources:

SMB data: (And gerontocrat's thread)
Melt extent data and news:
A webcam:

Antarctica / Melt lake on Nivlisen Ice Shelf
« on: January 10, 2020, 06:34:29 PM »
Noticed this cool lake on Worldview, and thought I'd make a thread even if it may not be of any particular significance.

There is a surface meltwater lake growing on the Nivlisen Ice Shelf in Queen Maud Land. By now the main lake is almost 5km wide. It formed on around the 26th of December from rivers of meltwater originating dozens of kilometers further up the shelf.

I had a quick browse through worldview and I couldn't find any other year where the lake was this big. Most years a proper lake doesn't even form at all on this shelf. Also I think this might be the biggest meltwater body on the Antarctic right now.

Here is the coordinates on worldview:,1972163.5070182374,715984.6341037138,2225091.5070182374&p=antarctic&t=2020-01-10-T17%3A02%3A46Z

And here is a Sentinel picture from four days ago. The deep blue color is gorgeous, I think:

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