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Coincidentally it is birthday again, I am a theoretical probabilist and despise number theory, plus have an evening of acid analysis. Here is what I arrived at. German with certified google translation (which inserted a missing comma but botched one uppercase).

Nein ich bin nicht böse - ich analysiere nur. Hirnschmalz kann beim Späten Homo Sapiens zu Verätzungen führen. Selber schuld.


No, I'm not angry - I'm just analyzing. Brain fat can cause burns in Late Homo Sapiens. Themselves to blame.

Or is it brain lard?

The forum / ASIF Style Guide
« on: January 24, 2020, 07:03:11 AM »

For quotations xxx use
except for minor quotations.

<snip, at your service; N.>

Arctic sea ice / Last Stand of The Fossil Fools
« on: October 06, 2019, 02:24:38 AM »
The topic might seem OT for this part of the forum, but it is quite literally (verbally in the video) about the Russian Arctic Sea (but also the Oklahoma State Seismologist).

Since quite some time I've been saying this. Not only on the polit threads here. Meanwhile Rachel Maddow seems to have written the (i.e. first) magisterial book about it. (Out right now, not yet ordered.)

What Lawrence O'Donnell couldn't make sense of (5:40) and let Rachel M read out herself is exactly what I mean when I try to explain the Trumputin nexus. It is where Post Truth Age meets fossil economics meets Arctic Sea Ice:

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