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Wow, it's been a looong time without an arctic expedition - and this one will be nice to watch!

Mike and Borge are not exactly beginners in this area...

As there's no more ice on the fringes, they'll sail North from Alaska to the 85th, then ski, go to the Pole, then jump back on the boat around Spitzbergen... that's quite a plan!! has it all, and a map!

(and it's nice to post again!)

The forum / MAJOR OUTAGE
« on: November 09, 2017, 11:07:57 AM »

Our hosting company suffered a major outage this morning, sorry for the inconvenience

The forum / Using your smartphone? Switch to Theme Exodus!
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:58:46 PM »
If you mainly read the Forum, and occasionally reply, from your phone or tablet, you'll love Exodus theme!

Unfortunately it doesn't work perfectly from a "regular" browser (the top image is toooo small)... but for the casual lurker (me!) it's perfect.



UPDATE: I attach a screenshot for this very post...

Walking the walk / Walking for the climate
« on: November 29, 2015, 07:43:41 AM »
Dear Friends,

As you know, the huge Walk for Climate was cancelled in Paris due to recent events. I had planned to go marching and singing, but I won't.

Please march for me, march for us Parisians, march for all of us.

Thank you !

The forum / Moderation rules
« on: April 17, 2015, 01:14:11 AM »
Just in case the Mods would like to define and write rules of moderation... Can you please share any set of rules you'd know ?

Thanks !


Policy and solutions / MOVED: Water wars
« on: May 23, 2014, 01:03:32 PM »

Well, I still don't have found why, but it seems that some members have trouble when the upload png files.

When it happens, can you please try this trick and post the result back below ? Thanks !

- when you upload a png image, you get a 'Connection was reset" error - or perhaps a message ""your attachment couldn't be saved. This might happen because it took too long to upload or the file is bigger than the server will allow"
- just try to upload a jpg (or a gif ?) image
- then try again with the guilty png file.

It did work on my tests... but I'm not 100% sure.

Thanks for helping with your results !

Arctic sea ice / Glossary ... for newbies and others
« on: March 23, 2013, 04:49:39 PM »
I realized that it may be difficult for our new readers to understand most of abbreviations used here. So I suggest making a glossary !

For more terms you can refer to NSIDC's Glossary. Or peruse the Global Cryosphere Watch Glossary (4141 entries from 26 sources; over 2200 are unique).

Please add terms and definitions below, I'll try to compile them in this first message (except the jokes). Please also provide links when you can.

An other Glossary is available for Antarctic here

ABW - Arctic bottom water

AMO - Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation

AMSR - Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer

AO - Arctic Oscillation

AW - Atlantic water

ASI - Arctic Sea Ice - all the Ice floating in the Arctic Seas.

ASIB - Arctic Sea Ice Blog

ASIF - Arctic Sea Ice Forum

ASIG - Arctic Sea Ice Graphs page

AWP - Albedo Warming Potential

BOE - Blue ocean event

BS - Bering Strait (or when someone is talking nonsense) (or Blog Science)

CAA - Canadian Arctic Archipelago - Canadian islands in the North of America: Ellesmere, Victoria, Baffin and many others, except Greenland.

CAB - Central Arctic Basin

CAPIE - Cryosphere Today area per IJIS extent (crude melt pond and compactness measure)

CB - Century break, a drop of more than 100K (one hundred thousand) km2 in sea ice area or extent

CT - Cryosphere Today

DJF - December January February - winter (Meteorological calendar, northern hemisphere)

DLR - Downwelling Longwave (infra-red) Radiation

DMI - Danish Meteorological Institute

DRA - Data release area, the previously top secret US Navy submarine data showing measured thickness of sea ice. Release to scientists in 1992 by then Vice President of the US Al Gore.

DTR - Diurnal Temperature Range - the difference between daily max and min temperatures.

EAIS - East Antarctic Ice Sheet with two largest outlets

ECMWF (AKA Euro) - European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

ENSO - El Nino Southern Oscillation

EPO - Eastern Pacific Oscillation

ESAS - East Siberian Arctic Shelf

ESS - East Siberian Sea

FDD - Freezing Degree Days. Sum of temps in C below freezing. Provides integrated intensity of cold.

FJL - Franz Josef Land, a group of islands to the east of Svalbard

FRIS - Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Atlantic part of WAIS (Filchner the eastern outlet, Ronne the western by the peninsula (both having gently sloping submarine outlets)

FYI - First-year ice

GAC -  Great Arctic Cyclone

GFS - Global Forecast System (US weather forecast model)

GCM - General Circulation Model, or Global Climate Model. The sort of model used to make IPCC temperature projections.

GIS - Greenland Ice Sheet

HFO - Heavy fuel oil

ICESat - Ice Cloud and land Elevation Satellite. The precursor to CryoSat 2, used to validate PIOMAS

IJIS - IARC-JAXA information system run by the International Arctic Research Center (IARC), University of Alaska, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

IS - Ice stream

JAXA - Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency

JIS - Jakobshavn ice stream

JJA - June July August - summer (Meteorological calendar, northern hemisphere)

LFO - Light fuel oil

MAM - March April May - spring (Meteorological calendar, northern hemisphere)

MIZ - Marginal Ice Zone

MSLP - Mean sea level pressure

MYI - Multi-year ice

NAO - North Atlantic Oscillation

NAVGEM -  Navy Global Environmental Model

NEW -  Northeast Water Polynya

NH - Northern Hemisphere.

NEGIS - North-east Greenland ice stream

NOW - North Water Polynya

NP - North Pole

NSR - Northern Sea Route

NWP - North West Passage

OLR - Outgoing Longwave (infra-red) Radiation

OMG - Oceans are Melting Greenland

OSISAF - Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility

OWFE - Open Water Formation Efficiency. A measure of the melt season thinning that leads to a percentage of open water in the Arctic ocean.

PAC -  Persistent Arctic Cyclone

PDO - Pacific Decadal Oscillation

PGAS - Prince Gustav Adolf Sea

PICT - PIOMAS volume per Cryosphere Today area (crude average thickness measure)

PIG - Pine Island Glacier, Blocking one specific steep and deep outlet of WAIS below sea level, and the other sensitive outlet nearby is Thwaites glacier.

PIJAMAS - PIOMAS volume per JAXA sea ice extent (crude average thickness measure)

PIOMAS - Pan Arctic Ice Ocean Modelling and Assimilation System.

PNA - Pacific North American pattern

PSC - Polar Science Center, University of Washington (PIOMAS)

PV - Polar Vortex

QBO - Quasi Biennial Oscillation

RILE - Rapid Ice Loss Event. An event where area or extent shows marked drops faster than the long term trend, these can take years to play out in the models and rarely end with a totally ice free Arctic.

RIS - Ross Ice Shelf, Pacific part of WAIS (with at least 3 gently sloping submarine outlets)

SAT - Surface air temperature

SFW - Stratospheric Final Warming

SH - Southern Hemisphere.

SIA - Sea ice area

SIC - Sea ice concentration

SIE - Sea ice extent

SIT - Sea ice thickness

SIV - Sea ice volume

SLP - Sea level pressure

SMB - Surface mass balance

SMOS - Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity, ESA satellite

SOI - Southern Oscillation Index

SON - September October November - autumn (Meteorological calendar, northern hemisphere)

SoO - Sea of Okhotsk

SST - Sea surface temperature

SSTa - Sea surface temperature anomaly

SW - ShortWave radiation - sunlight otherwise known as insolation.

SWE - Snow Water Equivalent

TDD - Thawing Degree Days.  Sum of temps in C above freezing. Provides integrated intensity of warmth.

THC - Thermohaline Circulation

TPV - Tropopause Polar Vortex

TPW - Total Precipitable Water

UKMO - United Kingdom Meteorological Office

WAA - Warm Air Advection

WACC - Warm Arctic, Cold Continents

WAIS - The whole West Antarctic Ice Sheet

WIPD - Whole ice pack detachment

ZIS - Zacharian ice stream

Arctic sea ice / Vote with your guts - And if... ?
« on: March 21, 2013, 09:47:05 PM »
Hi all,

I've been thinking about such a poll for some time... Let's see what comes out !

Please play the game, close your eyes and imagine that in september most ice has disappeared. How big would be your "Wow" ?

Arctic background / No Arctic expedition this year...
« on: March 12, 2013, 01:42:37 AM »
I think that I've followed all of those expeditions since 2006 or 2007... But this year nobody even tried to start I think, and very few had planned to. Two years ago i wrote on a french forum that we were witnessing the last expeditions... and they were.

The only thing left to follow should be the Barneo Ice Camp... if they manage to find a suitable floe, last years their flow just got broken... Anyways I wouldn't book a trip to the Last Degree for 2014 or 2015, as it may well turn into a swimming trip.

Barneo setup started in March 15 last year, so it should be long now. Hope they will post on their blog again !

These are good news ! . Let's hope they won't be ready for 2014 either... and that Obama will cancel those permits.

The forum / Log (bigly)
« on: February 24, 2013, 06:29:10 PM »
This sticky post is intended to keep track of all changes to the forum (most recent on top)

(Unless counter-indicated, all changes by DungeonMaster)

2018-07-30 Like button fixed for real, hopefully. And hosting upgraded to a higher level to respond to the YUGE numbers of visitors.

2018-07-29 Sessions table fixed. The forum had been down most of the day. SAD! Sorry!!

2018-04-25  Yayyyy ! Like button finally added. Enjoy!

2017-11-01 Fixed problem with log table, went crazy. Errors came from Social Media Icons mod, was toooo old --> removed. Installed;mod=3559;id=214901 instead

2017-11-01 Still problems when uploading some images. Turns out to be some stupid programming,



return true;
        while (!feof($fp))

2017-09-20 Login problems should be fixed now (changed logins on curve1 [main theme] and Exodus [the iphone, responsive theme]). Activated php 7.0. Switched to full https, included an Apache rewrite. Remaining: make the redirection 301.

Warning / possible issues: hooks were deleted while switching to https. Had to remove / reinstall all mods. Hope no settings were lost, especially on the images / video Aeva. To be watched!

2017-09 Got a false Hack Alert from hosting company... nothing bad. Upgraded to latest version - supposed to bring full https! Also allows php7: I applied this change, should increase stability and speed. We might switch to full https after october...

2014-08-02 Added Social Sharing buttons - per topic, located on the bottom of your screen. Share and spread the Forum !

2014-07-04 Was so sad after France's defeat against Germany in World Cup that I woke up early and installed a PayPal Donate Button, reusing Neven's account. Strong and good Deutsche Marks accepted.

2014-05-22 Installed links to ASIB and ASIG (and crashed the forum 4 minutes, damn me)

2014-05-09 DB moved to a bigger (and faster) mysql server. We're almost ready for the Melting Season - still some improvements to make...

2014-05-07 At last ! Found a permission/setting allowing anonymous users to see images !! So far they had to register. That's quite a stupid default setting for a forum, I'd say !!

2014-05-05 After some tests, activated PHP-FPM - is supposed to go faster. Next step: switching DB server... will require stopping the forum 5 minutes.
2014-05-02 thanks to your donations, forum has been upgraded to a better server. More memory and power... and more enhancements coming next days !

2014-04-10  HeartBleed bug checked - server NOT affected, nothing to fix.

2014-04    Anti-spam measures reinforced again. Now new posters are pre-moderated/

2013-04-22 Changed nothing about this pesky png  problem.
                    Installed the background image on this very server (was previously on Neven's, caused performance problems)

2013-04-17 Deactivated Dangerous Image Reencode function. Removed ability to upload zip, doc, odt files
                   Reactivated Stats On Save to track perfs
                   Activated Persistent connection to Db

2013-03-12 Added some tricks to play with RSS in the Suggestion thread
2013-03-12 Removed old dates (before going On Air) from smf_log_activity, and recomputed stats. Nothing seems to have changed. (and YES, I backuped the db before)

2013-03-05 - "courtesy post edit" was 90 seconds, now set to 300 = 5 minutes to check your spelling
                 "Number of posts per page on a Topic" set to 50 (was 15) (requested by danbashow - well in fact he asked 99, but let's test this)
                  Set registration to "email verification" to avoid spammers (verified, it does work)
                  (Seems that Neven previously added some registration questions and a captcha)
                  Changed some other security-related settings (but I won't write which)

2013-02-24 - Aeva Lite Mod installed - now you can embed videos
Limit for Chrome : if you're using the httpS version, Chrome will silently complain about a Mixed Content issue and won't display the videos. If you're not connected, switch to http (= standard Reading mode), or click on the "Shield" icon in Chrome's Address Bar.
Limit for iPhone : no Preview is displayed - click on the video's title to watch it.
** Both limits are under investigation

2013-02-24 - "H1 Tags in linktree" installed, but seems to have no effect. Will have to try this on the Test server with the main theme used here on the forum...
                           Had to remove Helios MultiColor and Extreme6 themes for compatibility

2013-02-24 - applied Tried to apply Pretty Urls (force compatibiliy mode to RC4 - tested on the Test forum)  so now we shoud have had have instead of some ugly MsgId. Sorry, it was fully tested on another server, but went into problems. Was removed and hopefully fixed at 19:00 Paris Time

2013-02-21 - forum upgrade to 2.0.4

2013-02-20 - Real things start ! Forum goes public

The forum / Insert an image
« on: February 23, 2013, 04:39:10 PM »
Just click the "Attachments and other options" sectionbemow and attach your image!

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