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Arctic Background / Iceland Holocene Temperature reconstruction
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:33:50 PM »
A lukewarmist friend of mine keeps talking about temperatures in Iceland having been significantly warmer than today at some time during the Holocene. The only reference I found is this paywalled thesis:

Black, Jessica L.: Holocene climate change in south-central Iceland: A multi-proxy lacustrine record from glacial lake Hvítárvatn (2008)
From the abstract:
There are two phases of early to middle Holocene warmth in south-central Iceland in the last 10.2 ka, from <10.2–8.7 ka ago and coincident with peak summer solar insolation at that latitude at 11 ka ago, and peak warmth from 7.35–5.5 ka ago which lags peak insolation by several millennia. Langjökull, Iceland's second largest ice cap, largely disappeared during these two phases indicating temperatures were warmer than today.
The rest is paywalled. I couldn't find anything quotable elsewhere.

Do you have any other accessible source? Or maybe send me a complete PDF?

The forum / ! No longer available
« on: February 01, 2017, 09:54:00 PM »
Seen that often enough now to "complain". E.g. some Youtube thing which is "! No longer available".
Ridiculous solution: Me clicking "Quote" and copy-paste the URL from out of comment source code into a new browser window.

Those URLs seem all to be http, and my browser just redirects to good https - something the forum software can't process and instead produces "! No longer available".

Walking the walk / Ecosystem Restoration Cooperative
« on: January 19, 2017, 05:24:44 AM »
Here's the entry link to The Plan:

The link came up while I was collecting and examining material for a longish post here. So I can keep myself short first and add some more material tomorrow...

First a little personal history:

Me and my alter ego, Florifulgurator, have been trying to plug this self-evident plan to save the Planet since 2009... with not much response. (The by far best result was that I met Neven in person before he started his now famous blog and was still living in Bavaria.) The way I framed The Plan was not very promising, of course: As an "epireligious quasimonastic order", since the two biogeophysical categorical imperatives of our era parallel the two classical monastic principles of poverty and chastity: Live carbon negative and don't multiply. A not so chaste corollary would be the imperative of maximising fun, to attract as many people as possible...

It soon dawned on me that there's not enough conventional spiritual zeal combined with basic biogeophysical insight alive in this world. And not enough donors and land to work the plan on the necessary scale. The Archdruid said about my 2010 comment, "the time won't be for a couple of centuries". Nevertheless I've worked out The Plan in Buddhist terms, from robes to carbon negative funeral. I'm aware that this lets Dr. Frankenstein pale in comparative megalomania: Trying to fulgurate a million-limbed carbon sequestrating monster with a rebootet Buddha head by spreading a mind virus. Here's the virus: The Two Mutually Dependent Hindrances for Post-Holocene Buddhist Practise:
1) Not carbon negative, no bodhisattva
2) Not carbon negative, no sangha
But they seem too non-self centered to fully grasp the serious implications for everything. One of my vain attempts is here.

Well, the times have changed meanwhile.

The time has come to get serious with The Plan in different, more realistic clothing: The permaculture movement has gained steam and there are many who would want to volunteer in ecosystem restoration. And farmers around the planet also quickly get it. This better plan was inspired by John Dennis Liu, and a framework, language and strategy to engage farmers, investors and government was worked out by the Dutch Commonland Foundation.

John's film "" from 2007 was a major reassurance for me that The Plan is feasible. But only last month I learned he's done lots of more work since, and there were similar (if smaller) such successes in Rwanda and Ethiopia which he has inspired and documented.

And now he wants to start an Ecosystem Restoration Camp as part of a larger project to restore and rehydrate degraded highlands in Andalusia, Spain - before the Sahara comes too close and all would be too late.

is a presentation of the concept of "4 returns" by Willem Ferwerda, CEO of the Commonland Foundation.

The forum / How to get a list of all my comments?
« on: January 13, 2017, 10:25:05 PM »
"Search" function seems not capable doing this job. Maybe I'm stupid :-)

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