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The rest / Paradoxically hoping for record low Arctic sea ice
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:43:10 PM »
We just had a few posts in the IJIS topic about hoping for zero Arctic sea ice, or at least for record low sea ice extent this year. Do those of you who vote for a record low on September daily minimum polls hope that you're right? When there are several century drops in a row, do you get excited?

Having read these forums for many years, I have often seen what appears to be enthusiasm about big extent drops. People add "of course I'm hoping this won't happen", but this often doesn't seem to match the emotion in what they were saying originally. It's like that "not that there's anything wrong with that" line from Seinfeld.

"Look at ECMWF 00Z +48!! The ice is going to be devastated! Of course that would be terrible..."

What's behind that? My take on it from the IJIS topic:

I expect there will eventually come a time where the number of climate change deniers will dwindle to the point where they're essentially irrelevant, like the flat earthers. I would love to think that we could reach that point earlier rather than later, maybe because some event like an ice-free North Pole some year soon would convince certain prominent voices among them to change their minds.

It's a thin hope, but I think it's behind why some part of me roots for a record low extent each year.

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