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Arctic sea ice / Re: 2019 sea ice area and extent data
« on: June 13, 2019, 07:42:39 PM »
Article on shrinking arctic sea ice:
and BTW, my thinking is that we don't need a BOE to start having a catastrophe. If it goes down to twice the limit for a BOE, we will still have disastrous weather...probably almost as bad as a BOE, since a large majority of the Arctic Ocean would still be ice free.

I agree.

We humans love our thresholds and "events". We talk in decades and centuries as if it means something, but it's only because we have ten fingers.

We are having a catastrophe now and have been for some time. I suspect that the extra open ocean we had in 2012 changed things, although we will never know for sure. IMHO, so did 2016, and so will 2019, regardless of where it ends up.

When we drop below 1,000,000 km2 (there's those darn tens again), it will only be of significance to us.

We need simple words to deal with big ideas—or to obscure them. “Global Warming” seemed simple but global averages are bigger than centuries. “Climate change,” is that my climate or yours? As I read ASIF I think “Global Energy Retention.” It keeps me wondering where and when—or if—it is going to pop up next. Energy is my sea-monster, a non-scientist trying to cope with what he does not understand. But, is my thinking on target?

<Please, stay on-topic; N.>

Arctic sea ice / Re: Arctic Image of the Day
« on: June 06, 2019, 09:09:44 PM »

empty shells filling the void with valuable assets

+1 my thoughts since days and all this bullshit for bragging rights and a few selfies.  :-\ :-\ :-\

I refrained from commenting until now, but our national broadcaster presented (for far too long) the story of one person that complaining that he nearly lost his life due to the line ups. It was prompted by the fact that "so many"people had been dying on Everest lately. Where the helll are our priorities, have we lost our collective minds?

He never realized that he *was* the line-up, but somehow thought he was "special". He was portrayed as heroic, rather than what he really was, entitled and self-indulgent.

I have decided that the "mountain climbing adventurer" epitomizes why we are so royally screwed. Selfish, narcissistic individuals, caring only for themselves, are engaging in a pointless exercise and in the process, leaving their shit behind, both literally and figuratively.

I take faint comfort in that the majority of the commenters about the above article were having none of it, many in harsh but valid terms.

Cue Pogo quote here.


Is climbing a mountain evidence that one can conquer nature? (Is that still a thing?, in popular parlance.) Might such energy be better spent encouraging nature not to conquer us?

Arctic sea ice / Re: 2019 sea ice area and extent data
« on: June 01, 2019, 05:19:38 PM »
The two graphs show that the current year is running about 10 days ahead of the 2010s average - so there is "some" signs of impending Armageddon!

.. and Chukchi is 3 weeks ahead of 2018 and 2016 ; Beaufort 5 weeks ahead of 2018 and likely 3 weeks ahead of 2016 in a few days . Of course there may be a major stall in June this year too .. but the forecasts are not promising .
 I'm always asking for stuff .. any chance , Gerontocrat , of including 2016 in all the regional graphs .. and 2012 .. please .. :) .. b.c.

So . . . two people can look at the same set of graphs and draw (dramatically) different conclusions. When I was studying engineering some years ago a fellow student remarked that he didn't go into the social sciences because he liked the certainty of numbers. The innocence of youth; I miss it.

Arctic sea ice / Re: Arctic Image of the Day
« on: May 31, 2019, 10:52:23 PM »
What a sick world!???
There are so many thoughts that come to mind--none of them pleasant. What if . . . ? What if there was a guy, only one guy, all by himself in the lower left of the image, climbing up that rock face. What would that call to mind?

Arctic sea ice / Re: Global sea ice area and extent data
« on: May 31, 2019, 07:43:42 PM »
A comment from a member of the (hopefully) observant public on global extent: More than 2 years out of 40 continuously (almost) outside of 2 sigma (and all negative) seems unlikely to be random fluctuation or noise in the data--even if the data are simultaneously measuring 2 unrelated processes. Cause for concern? If I could not recall the times I have been wrong I wold vote for panic.

Arctic sea ice / Re: Basic questions about melting physics
« on: May 29, 2019, 07:04:00 PM »
Thank you for starting this thread. As someone with less knowledge of the natural sciences than of political (unnatural?) science I have many questions about the behavior of water and ice. I have been reading some threads, mostly concerning extent and current season, for a few years. As my curiosity about the physics of water and aqueous solutions has grown, I joined with the hope of asking questions such as those addressed above. This thread and the information have provided above is much appreciated.

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