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Arctic sea ice / Re: Arctic Image of the Day
« on: May 30, 2017, 09:33:30 AM »
This American has a wife who describes his slow driving as "poodling along". I find it's use as describing a puddle rather charming after many years of my wife describing my driving to me. I will cease my own referencing it now as I take a bow to all the international people here who speak and write in English as I only can handle enough words in German after six years of living there to order a beer and get slapped after I have drunk it and say something uncouth to a fraulein at the bar. Instead I will be quiet and continue to learn about the Arctic from all of you.
That would be "pootling" along!

Very interesting there too but I meant right near the point, further West

Nice shot, if you zoom into "cap ice" there seems to be a promontory /embayment forming on it's southern shore just past the corner

Right, strange flow pattern in the vicinity, topography is a bit of a puzzle. However ordinary google map has a great series of zooms here (once you're sure you're zooming on the right object, the north fork has retreated a lot since this imagery. The melt lake is very black in Landsat today but by clicking on it with the color wand tool, other lakes prove just as black (while most are classic blue). Click if the animation doesn't start.
[ Wow - good detective work there, thanks - it's a melt lake then!. that would explain why it grew so quickly. As you say, the topography a bit unusual there/quote]

I've been watching a developing dark spot above the northern branch and it has suddenly grown into a large hole/ nunatek which indicates how much the level must be lowering. Will be interesting to see this develope into an ice stream divide.

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