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Hi everyone.
My first post !!!
Wood stoves. I have been using one for over 50 years now and l think they are better than any other
form of heating. We live in south west uk not a cold place like some but can be cool enough.
Our stove takes 50cm logs so is one of the larger types. It has a 16kw hot water jacket inside which
leaves about 8kw to the room. The jackets gravity feed into a hot water tank which when hot enough
a pump switches on which then feed bathroom towel rails then cast iron radiators. We light the stove
in mid September and it runs through until early May.This year I have not had to re-light it at all as we have not been away for more than 36 hours at a time.If you chose a good stove and have a suitable
supply of various woods then it is not a problem at all. I only clean the stainless steel chimney once a
year and remove about 3 mugs of soot. The key is seasoned wood.Over heating or under heating is down to control and type of wood being used. Our supply of wood comes from our own wood.I could rattle on for a week about this so will stop now.

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