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I have struggled with how to end the series.

I've gone from "Its really bad and you need to know"   to "We're all going to die" to something harder to explain.   

I now want to expose people to the range of possibilities, from "its going to be bad really soon" to "its going to take a long time to get bad" or we might even come up with ways to be OK.   And leave it up to them to decide what they want to believe.   I try to be careful not to use really scary language.   Not to build them up to some horrible climax.   Just enough to motivate them to want to do something, but not too much where they loose hope.

I do talk up Transition Towns a lot.  and the concept of getting back to local communities.

I have another ending I am toying with, but it is enough off subject that I will post it under the 'walking the walk' section of the forum.

My audiences have been very small.   Only a hand full of people show up.    I have found people very reluctant to want to know.   Sort of have to drag them into it.   But once it starts, they are hooked. I try to have something new for everyone to learn.   And the interesting/learning hooks them.   

People know it is going to be bad news, and don't want to face it.  My audiences have much rather wanted to talk about what can be done, than how bad it is.    In my latest group, I have had to mix the presentation, half on what is happening and half on what they can do.    Like the last time I presented the Arctic Slides, I also did show and tell on rain barrels.   

This half and half approach seems more acceptable to folks.   They will face 40+ minutes of bad news if there is an equally interesting discussion/presentation of what they can do.

What I do is I have a USB Flash Drive,  or thumb Drive, or memory stick, what ever you want to call them.   I have a separate directory for each deck, with the powerpoint, all the pictures, and any videos I want to use.    This way I can just insert the flash drive into any computer available, or my laptop, and go.

Then in the deck I have a link that takes me to the internet site of the video, for use when internet is available, and a link that plays it locally when it is not.

I could stand to learn more about what is public domain and what is not.   What I can use or not use and how to give credit when credit is due.

I also learned how to build links in powerpoint that can link together my separate decks.  so I have one introduction deck.  One slide in it has the links to all the other decks.   One can click on the link, play that deck, then return to the menu.

I only do a couple of decks a session, spreading it out over a number of sessions.

Oh and I also have a good into-to-climate-change deck that explains the basic science of climate change.   One part of that I like, is that I reference a medical site that explains how medical equipment uses the fact that CO2 absorbs infra-red more than O2 as a way to tell how far under anaesthesia a patient is.   The farther out a patient is, the more CO2 can build up.    Which makes it hard for someone to argue with the basic science of the "Green House" effect.

Hello all.
I have also put together a Arctic PowerPoint that I have been presenting to church groups.   Actually I have several separate PowerPoint decks
First I start off with an historical overview.   I start with some of the oldest pictures of the arctic I could find.   My goal here was to connect with any previous stories they had heard about the early arctic explorers.   This tends to go quickly.  But it does give some context for viewing current pictures later on.

Second I go into Arctic Trends.   these is where I show charts and videos of what has been happening to the Arctic Sea Ice lately.
     I found one video that talks about the melting arctic from an economic perspective.   It shows animated boats travelling the northwest and northeast passage.   And shows how the different nations are dividing up the arctic.   I've seen people really fascinated by this one.   Possibly because it is more general education than just climate change.
    Also the Melting Ice Cube video seems particularly effective.

Third deck is Current conditions.  Here is where I show the latest graphs and pictures.   People seem to be more shocked by seeing the pictures from the "Healy" in relatively ice free seas 500 miles from the pole, than from the north pole web cam that has rain on the lens.

Then I have another deck on the Jet Stream and blocking patters
One on Ocean currents
A deck on farming, food prices and social unrest
A deck on Methane Hydrates
A deck on mass tree die-offs

I would be willing to share them.  Perhaps just the Arctic ones would be more appropriate here?  What is the best way to share them?

I would also be willing to do more presenting.  I'm in Ohio, USA.

The forum / Can not see picture, charts, etc
« on: May 12, 2013, 05:17:35 AM »
OK, this may be a newbie thing.  But just in case anyone else has the same issue.
I was not able to see any charts, pictures, vids in the forum.
All I could see was the text.
Posts would say they attached this-that or the-other, but I could not see it.
I tried both Firefox and Internet explorer
I tried http and https
Nothing worked,  until I logged in to the forum with a login and password to post something.
And then I saw all kinds of things.
So at least for me, one has to login to the site to see more than just the text posts.

The rest / Re: On an environmental religion.
« on: April 26, 2013, 11:13:05 AM »
As we look forward, a good number of us see a dark cloud.   Dark enough that we begin to ask questions like 'what did we do wrong?'   Sometimes that question extends beyond the science of producing too much Green House Gasses and upsetting the planetary balance.   Sometimes that question probes deeper, down to what beliefs lead us towards this mess.   

Hence this thread about an environmental religion on an otherwise scientific site.

Since the subject has been broached,  I would like to contribute some stewings of mine.   Thoughts that have been percolating in my head for years.   

I have noticed it seems most of the religious energy seems to believe in a single Godhead.   A single all powerful, all knowing being.   This being is the top.   Below is a hierarchy of beings from top to bottom.   It is implied that the top being has everything and the bottom beings have nothing.  Or perhaps even less than nothing as even what they have is taken away.

This structure appears to have been deeply engrained in humanity for centuries, if not millennia. 

I would suggest this forms a deep, fundamental need to climb to the top.   To rise out of the bottom layers.   To move upwards.   One way to do this is to aquire power,control,stuff.

Hence I would suggest that a focusing focusing power, knowledge, ownership up to a single top point, leads us all into an over-consuming, always wanting to own more lifestyle.    Which appears to be a driving force behind our consumption of the planet and shifting of its systems.

Hence I would suggest that an environmental religion would be one that decentralizes power, knowledge, ownership, control.   

Several older religions appear to have Pantheons.  Where divinity was divided and spread between a host of separate Gods and Goddesses.    No one god was everything, no one god  had everything.   Thus no one person would have everything.  And perhaps people would be more accepting of the role they were born in.   

But ultimately this system seemed to still give way to the single divinity concept of today.  Therefore, I would suggest an even further distribution of divinity may be necessary.

Which leads me to conceive and suggest a new structure.

Instead of Divine Personhoods,  single or multiple,  what if Divinity was comprised of the souls of every being that had ever lived?   That each person contributed one 'personhood worth' of divinity to the whole?    That there was no hierarchy in this lake, sea or ocean of soul energy.   It was more of a stew.   Where anyone who tried to climb up just sank down.   The most you could be is just a small part of the whole.

Thus ultimately there was no top to climb up to.   Ultimately there was no reason/concept of owning/controling/knowing everything.  No more than a single piece of vegetable could own the whole stew.    Ultimately there was nothing greater than a single personhood.   And that the purpose of life would be to take what ever person-parts one had, and mold them and shape them into the best personhood possible.   So that one contributed the best of what your species could be to the whole instead of contributing the worst.

Perhaps if such a system was deeply embedded in our symbol set, we would structure our world far differently...

Consequences / Re: Personal Consequences - Worst Case
« on: April 03, 2013, 01:17:55 AM »
ccgwebmaster - I'm assuming your related to the "Civilisation Continuity Group" and "Deus Juvat" project.  If so I'd like to say there are other people with the same idea.
Check out the following link of a group in "Transition Networks"
Perhaps you could network with them.

For the larger conversation of what to do at a personal level, there are a range of possibilites.
First you and yours has to decide on the threat level.
   Does it require immediate "run for the hills" action
   Is it certain enough to redirect life into a long term plan
   If it is not certain enough now, is there a point,  a milestone, a threashold that once crossed, activates a plan
   Is there more danger in self-fulfilling prophecies? Therefore one should not make such plans in advance no matter what.

Once the threat threshold has been realized, there is another range of responses.
1.  Build an Ark.   Build some kind of place that will try to survive and save what ever can be saved.
2.  Become a survivalist.   Form/Join a group that will do what it takes to survive.
3.  Focus on sustainablility/permaculture community.   Form/Join a Transition Town or other permaculture community.
4.  Become an activist.   Work to change the world politically
5.  Choose to continue living your current life as best you can.   Reducing/reusing what you can.   But deciding your just not going do a bunch of crazy preperation that might not do a bit of good.  Or worse might make you a target.

And many other options.

The point is, no one can tell you how you should respond.
One of the strenghts of the human race is our ability to fracture and scatter a thousand different ways.
If we all  took the same path,  we only have one chance to make it.
If we take thousands of different paths, there are thousands of chances of making it.

Therefore the best answer is to know yourself, and know what is right for you based on who you are.
Do you do your best work for yourself,  for your family,  for a larger community?
And what would be your highest motivation?
   Personal/Family survival for the duration?
   That sense of accomplishment where you figured out the most-efficent/best optimized path?
   Skill/Knowledge/Technology/Civilization preservation?
   Pass on the best lessions learned to who ever might survive that they might build something better?
   A "We Were Here" memorial?   
   A inner sense that you lived your life in accordance with your higher self/values of love, care, compassion.

Each of us, will balance all of this and more and come up with our own way.
The more concious effort we put in to finding a way that is right for us, the more at peace we will be.

For me, there is one issue I wish the world, the masses, as many as possible would face before any panic/breakdown/whatever starts.   And that is some level of acceptance.
Some grown up or mature view that says if we are all toast, then there is no need to kill/take/steal/destroy.
That taking anything/everything will make no difference, so we might as well leave it be.
That we go out with some nobility, not just brute beasts exercising every weapon at our disposal.

What I would ask for is for the human race to rise to a higher plane.
And to grow beyond the base reptillian survival of the fittest
If we could grow beyond that plane, now that would be a humanity worth saving.

so I would ask all of us thinking ahead, to not just decide on what gives us the best "survival of the fittest" advantage, nor just decide on what would be best for humanity/environment,
but can we do to best add one person-hood's worth of nobility, grace and higher character to the human race at this time.

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