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The rest / Re: The Media: Examples of Good AND Bad Journalism
« Last post by colchonero on Today at 07:28:28 PM »
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Jeremy Boreing

 34m34 minutes ago
That @SenWarren had the confidence to release a document saying that she MIGHT be 1/1024 Native American knowing that the media would treat it as a victory tells you everything you need to know about everything.
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Idk how to post a tweet so I just fully copied it. Sorry for that.

This is exactly what many Americans think about the media, not about this issue only, but the behavior of the media in general. For many of us (excluding base voters) it's not about bashing Trump (Fox defends him on some stupid issues too for no other than political reasons), but about looking at every single thing from their own perspective (bias), that they have chosen prior to everything. Those titles and texts would have been the same, regardless if it has shown 100% native blood, or 1/5000th native ancestry. Which is madness.

And then when some issue comes where for example CNN is spot on, many won't believe it anyway, cause of the way of handling issues like this one on Warren's ancestry.

You can be idk let's say Breitbart or Buddy (nothing against you, just a good example)  and you write titles in this manner, that is totally fine. They never claimed to be bipartisan, and nobody thinks that of them. But if you are big media house, and you call yourself unbiased, fair and objective, stop with these texts, and (re)gain some respect from average citizens damn it!!
Arctic sea ice / Re: The 2018/2019 freezing season
« Last post by uniquorn on Today at 06:28:48 PM »
Wind on the ice edge.
Expansion towards Severnaya Zemlya, compaction off Svalbard.
Polarview, oct14
Consequences / Re: Climate change, the ocean, agriculture, and FOOD
« Last post by Alison on Today at 06:27:39 PM »
It has been the best year I can remember for outdoor grown tomatoes - I’m still harvesting in October at my home close to Heathrow.
Policy and solutions / Re: Cars, cars and more cars. And trucks, and....
« Last post by Buddy on Today at 06:18:11 PM »
Jaguar is Thinking About Phasing Out Internal Combustion Engines in Favor of Becoming an All-EV Brand Within Five Years

According to Autocar, the British marque has already been planning this swap out to take place within the decade—most likely within the next five years. In that time, they’ll be producing fewer and fewer conventional vehicles, instead replacing them with models that run on greener, more sustainable energy.

Who would of "thunk it"?    ;)

Remember when someone said that "the US would sell their LAST ICE ONLY passenger car by a major manufacturer NO LATER THAN THE END OF 2025?  People thought he was NUTS.  OK ..... maybe "he/me" IS NUTS.  But it will be NO SURPISE to me if that 12/31/2015 "deadline" COMES IN SOME MORE. 

And it won't be because of the environment (although it should have been a LONG time ago).  It will be because of cost.  It just won't make ANY SENSE (or CENTS ;)).

Hyundai is coming out with a new EV crossover in early 2019 ..... base price somewhere in the low $30's K (US dollars). At some point people, likely by the early 2020's people will say:

"OK .... I'll stop being stupid.  I'll buy an EV that cost the same OR LESS than an ICE; it costs a lot less to run than an ICE; it costs a lot less to maintain than an ICE; and yes ... it is much quicker than an ICE.   OK ..... I'll take it."

And then they will stop selling black and white TV's ICE vehicles because nobody wants them any more. 

Good points ASLR, they are weak on tipping points and the above also reminds me of Meadows bathtub analogy. What's also weak (mainly because it's on policymaker's desk?); issues related to climate migration and such.


I assume that those two images both have pictures of yourself in their lower right hand corners.  If so it is nice to see you.

ASLR, thanks, as always, for that article on forest loss and cc.

I plan to dig into it further later, but did you happen to notice if it said what the major causes of deforestation were?

As I recall, clearing land for cattle grazing and for growing soy and other crops mostly used to feed cattle was one of the main causes. I do wonder whether, in most sources on the subject, the GW effects of a meat-centered diet are greatly under estimated.


From the linked article, it appears that the heavy deforestation losses in 2017 came from human activities in post-conflict Columbia and due to fires in Brazil:

Extract: "The rise comes despite declining deforestation rates, and is mainly due to fires in the Amazon. The Amazon region had more fires in 2017 than any year since recording began in 1999, causing 31 percent of the region’s tree cover loss according to University of Maryland data, which for the first time attributed specific instances of tree cover loss to fires."
The rest / Re: The Media: Examples of Good AND Bad Journalism
« Last post by TerryM on Today at 05:47:48 PM »
He's Back!

The world's preeminent dispenser of truth's microphone has been turned back on!
Ecuador's most famous visitor will once again be heard!

Free Julian = Free Speech
Consequences / Re: 2018 ENSO
« Last post by AbruptSLR on Today at 05:43:58 PM »
The four attached weekly Nino indices were all issued today by the BoM thru the week ending Oct 14 2018, & show the Nino 1, 2, 3 and 4 indices, respectively.  This data indicates that we are currently in a weak Modoki-type El Nino condition, and only time will tell whether this season eventually qualifies as an official El Nino event (or not):
Consequences / Re: 2018 ENSO
« Last post by AbruptSLR on Today at 05:40:35 PM »
Per the following NOAA weekly Nino data thru the week centered on Oct 10 2018, the first two NOAA images for the Eq Pac. and the last two images issued today by the BoM for the Nino 3.4 and IOD indices, respectively for the week ending Oct 14 2018; at the moment we are in a weak El Nino condition, but only time will tell if this will qualify as an official El Nino event:

                     Nino1+2      Nino3         Nino34        Nino4
 Week           SST SSTA    SST SSTA   SST SSTA    SST SSTA
 18JUL2018     21.3-0.3     26.1 0.6     27.6 0.4     29.1 0.3
 25JUL2018     21.1-0.3     25.8 0.3     27.4 0.3     29.0 0.3
 01AUG2018     21.2 0.1     25.3 0.0     27.1 0.1     29.1 0.4
 08AUG2018     20.8-0.1     25.1-0.1     27.1 0.2     29.2 0.5
 15AUG2018     20.9 0.2     25.4 0.4     27.3 0.4     29.5 0.8
 22AUG2018     20.4-0.2     25.1 0.1     27.1 0.3     29.0 0.4
 29AUG2018     20.3-0.3     24.9-0.1     27.0 0.2     29.1 0.4
 05SEP2018     20.1-0.4     25.0 0.1     27.0 0.3     29.1 0.5
 12SEP2018     20.5 0.2     25.2 0.4     27.0 0.3     29.1 0.4
 19SEP2018     20.3-0.1     25.0 0.2     27.0 0.3     29.1 0.4
 26SEP2018     20.2-0.3     25.5 0.6     27.3 0.6     29.3 0.6
 03OCT2018     21.3 0.7     25.6 0.7     27.4 0.7     29.5 0.8
 10OCT2018     21.1 0.4     25.6 0.7     27.3 0.6     29.5 0.9
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