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Arctic sea ice / Re: 2018 sea ice area and extent data
« Last post by gerontocrat on Today at 03:02:34 PM »
Hudson Bay - a contrast between area and extent change.

Warmth reaches the southern end of Hudson Bay, area reduces, but extent gain continues, albeit more slowly. That area loss may continue for two or three days more.
Policy and solutions / Re: Batteries: Today's Energy Solution
« Last post by Sigmetnow on Today at 02:31:14 PM »
According to the document, a Tesla Megapack consists of long 23′-5″ (7.14m) x 5′-3″ (1.60m) battery system, which the company mostly installs back to back with another unit.

Tesla Megapack to debut at giant energy project in California
Tesla is listing the project as having a total capacity of 1,200 MWh, which would mean that each Megapack has a capacity of 2,673 kWh.

That’s more than 12 times the capacity of Powerpack 2 in a package that could potentially fit about 8 Powerpacks.

The total capacity of those 449 Megapacks represents more energy capacity than Tesla Energy deployed throughout its first 3 years of operation – all Powerpacks and Powerwalls combined. ...

Commissioned by PG&E at the Moss Landing substation.
Consequences / Re: The Holocene Extinction
« Last post by Nemesis on Today at 02:30:17 PM »
Like I said, Yama, the deity of Death is also the deity of Justice:

" Yama is the deity of justice in Hinduism."
Arctic sea ice / Re: 2018 sea ice area and extent data
« Last post by gerontocrat on Today at 02:23:58 PM »
NSIDC Total Area as at 14 December (5 day trailing average) = 10,208,476 km2
Total Area         
 10,208,476    km2      
-49,506    km2   <    2010's average.
 171,458    k   >   2017
-429,859    k   <    2000's average.

Total Gain    44    k   
Peripheral Seas    11    k   gain
Central Seas__    50    k   gain
Other Seas___   -17    k   loss
Peripheral Seas         
Bering _______    7    k   gain
Baffin  Bay____   -1    k   loss
Greenland____   -4    k   loss
Barents ______    8    k   gain
CAB Seas         
Beaufort_____    2    k   gain
CAA_________    2    k   gain
East Siberian__    0    k   gain
Central Arctic_    19    k   gain
Kara_________    7    k   gain
Laptev_______   -8    k   loss
Chukchi______    27    k   gain
Other Seas         
Okhotsk______    5    k   gain
St Lawrence___   -0    k   loss
Hudson Bay___   -22    k   loss
Area gain below average (by 39k) the 3rd day of changing from increasing day by day.
Area now retreating from the approach to the 2000's average, and now 50k below the 2010's average.

Other stuff
GFS indicates that overall the Arctic temperature anomaly of  +3 celsius  drops to +1 over the next few days and then varies between +3 and +1. The strong +ve anomalies on the Atlantic Front persist over the weekend, decline, and then a second pulse arrives from next mid-week. Continuing -ve anomalies in the Bering sea. High +ve anomalies in central Canada (Hudson Bay area loss 22k)

Change in weather patterns are confusing the outlook.
Permafrost / Re: Arctic Methane Release
« Last post by Nemesis on Today at 02:23:25 PM »
Well, it's not just about some grandchildren, but it's (not only) about the children of this world, who will have to pay for the crimes of the fossil fuel industry. You heard about James Hansen fighting for his grandchildren, right? You also heard about Greta Thunberg, right?
Consequences / Re: The Holocene Extinction
« Last post by Nemesis on Today at 02:16:24 PM »

" If you think a massive die-off is justice, see a therapist."

Ouch, maybe you better read what I said more carefully as I never said shit like that. Your nickname is "Cid_Yama", you talk about Yama so you should know that Yama is the deity of justice, just like Nemesis. You should also have heard about Karma, the law of Karma/Vipaka is justice, not worldly justice in the first place, but cosmic justice.
Arctic sea ice / Re: What's new in the Arctic ?
« Last post by Sterks on Today at 01:36:02 PM »
All right  :-X
Arctic sea ice / Re: Arctic Image of the Day
« Last post by Pmt111500 on Today at 01:02:20 PM »
Am I the only one that checks in with the webcam in Utqiagvik to see if the house on the left hand side of the image has its door wide open again?  It's cold up there.  Why is the damn door open so often?  Maybe we should call them to let them know?

It's a normal cold porch, a place to remove the outermost layer of clothes, that may have a whole lot of snow/ice on them. Snow is shaken out of the doorway, the floor occasionally brushed clear. Door might be permanently open or closed only during snowstorms. Might not even have a lock on it to prevent freezing shut. You see these sometimes even in southern Finland. People might use these as freezers for food stuffs.

Checking words... Yep, entryway, comparable to mudroom in warmer places. The lock of the house would be in the door protected from wind and ice buildup, handling keys @-25C is much nicer to do over a floor rather than on snowbank or ice in a blastchiller wind.
Greenland and Arctic Circle / Re: What's new in Greenland?
« Last post by johnm33 on Today at 11:54:08 AM »
There was a Canadian academic who made quite a study of the Viking presence throughout the archipelago, mining on Axel Heiberg/Victoria/Banks as well as the west coast of Greenland. If I remember her name I'll find a link. For them to have been there suggests the archipelago was seasonally navigable. That it suddenly altered is suggested by the blond inuit tribe that was discovered and that equally suddenly long houses appeared down the Pacific coast. Iirc her findings were deemed too sensitive politically and she lost her funding.
The rest / Re: The Media: Examples of Good AND Bad Journalism
« Last post by Neven on Today at 11:45:48 AM »
Bad journalism:

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