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Author Topic: Global sea ice area and extent data  (Read 6911 times)


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Re: Global sea ice area and extent data
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If daily ice loss hoovers around the 200K/day (duplicating the last day reported) for the next two weeks, the deficit with 2016 will be erased.  I'm not expecting this to happen (I make no forecast one way or the other), but it shows how insignificant 2 million square kilometers of ice is in the scheme of things.
JAXA DATA as at 22 Nov. - Extent =  23,467,908 km2

Extent loss per day remains well above average. Difference with 2016 reduced by 360 k km2 in 3 days to +1.76 million km2. The graph suggests that difference is likely to reduce further over the next ten days.
N.B. On average extent loss is only 11% complete as yet.

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